Friday, December 21, 2012

Kungfu Paradise


I never know it can be an interesting affair to have baked rice. And, by naming it ‘babe’ rice then baked rice does added an mischief element to make it exciting. There are the usual Mushroom ‘babe’ rice, Sausage ‘babe’ rice to the Chickchop ‘babe’ rice and to those with hamburger patty, fried fish added. A selection of tomato sauce, cream sauce and curry sauce are available to further customise the taste to suit one’s taste bud perfectly.

I decided to go with the most basic tomato sauce Sausage ‘babe’ rice. The attentive waiter reminded me to be careful when it was served piping hot in 10 minutes. It was the personal touch that helped to perfect a dining experience.

The sausages served with a generous amount of cheese that melted perfectly to give it the oomph. I could taste the bits and pieces of tomato in the nicely balanced sweet and sour tomato sauce. When i dug into the baked rice, i stopped to watch the escapade of the hot steam.

It left a great smile on my face when done eating.

I decided to choose the Chicken Chop Chop amongst the other items and to pay an extra of $3.90 to Power Up. I was served rather quickly with my choice of drink - Bubblegum Soda. Bubblegum Soda tasted interestingly unusual with the right balance of sweetness.
My Chicken Chop Chop consists of a piece of well seasoned chicken nicely pan-fried to a perfect crispiness served along with BBQ tasting sauce to enhance its flavor further. It served with a handful of fresh tasting lettuce with shredded red cabbage. It came with a good portion of french fries. The fries still got a slight crispiness after left it for a bit. I would like to commend the amazing efforts in serving the chilli and ketchup in packets rather than in the usual bottles.

I was excited when i took notice of the recommendation by Makansutra as stated in their menu. I went ahead to order a basket of 3 buns. I put aside the half eaten main course and grab one of those buns quickly when it served.
All these buns were served piping hot. The size of these buns is of the bite sized. It makes perfect sense to throw it right into your mouth and experienced the outburst of the custard right there. If you prefer to enjoy it slowly then be careful to bite it gently then slowly suck out the custard a little before releasing it as this is to avoid wasting the delicious custard filling by allowing it overflow.
 The custard has got a rich and creamy salted egg taste enclosed in a soft and fluffy skin.

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