Saturday, April 20, 2013

Where are the TWO CHEFS?

This is the outlet of the famous Two Chefs Eating Place at Commonwealth. This location is a bit secluded but rather convenient if you are staying in the norther part of Singapore.

I decided to drop by for lunch on a quiet Saturday. There were only 2 other tables occupied then.

I ordered a few of their signature dishes like the Honey Fried Chicken ($8), Spinach with Century Egg ($8) and Butter Pork Ribs ($8).

Honey Fried Chicken. This was the most preferred dish of all. The well-marinated chicken pieces were then fried to perfection to give it the desirable crispiness. Though it is supposed to be Honey Fried Chicken but the honey might only be used as part of the marination thus not a bit of sweetness was detected. This dish was served with a saucer of belachan chilli. I felt the chilli is not quite necessary as the dish tasted good on its own. 

Butter Pork Ribs. You either like or hate this dish. This is the most famous amongst all their signature dishes. The well-seasoned pork ribs were fried first then coated with their special milk powder. The pork ribs tasted extremely tender. Though it is named butter pork ribs but not a bit of butter taste was detected. No cheese taste as well. The milk powder has got a slight sweetness. Though it may not be particularly delightful but the taste was rather acceptable to myself. Apparently, my partner did not like it.

Spinach with Century Egg. This may be my first time trying this particular dish but i did not like it. The broth tasted rather bland. It did not only have century egg but also salted egg and the normal egg. The combination has no surprises with no eggy tasted not even from the salted egg. 

The prominent signboard to look out.

As i never get to eat at their main outlet so i would not be able to make a comparison but the standard of this particular outlet is not quite there yet. It got me to somewhat wonder where are the 2 prominent chefs located? The 2 chefs might be stationed at the main outlet thus the standard of this one is relatively low as compared to the other?

So, would i go back? i guess i might just give their main outlet a try but will be happy to skip this one. 

Block 409 Sin Ming Avenue #02-1 SINGAPORE 570409.

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