Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Burgar Bar

It was a Sunday when i was there to utilise a voucher acquired online that will be expired on 15 January 2014. 

This particular outlet is located right across the Pasir Panjang MRT station. When you cross the road, just look for the prominent signboard that is quite unlikely to be missed. We were there at about 1.40 pm. We expected it to be crowded on Sunday but there was only 2 other tables occupied then. We were quickly ushered to a corner table then presented with the menu rather quickly. 

The value of the voucher is $20 so we decided to go with Royale with Cheese Burger ($12), Swiss Shroom Burger ($13) and a Root Beet Float ($5.50).

The Root Beet Float came first. I took a few pictures and left it aside. 

Both burgers served at the same time. The friendly waiter pointed out the name of the burger respectively. Both burger sets came with fries, a slice of tomato and a leaf of lettuce. The patties were done medium well unless specially requested. 

Royale with Cheese is a classic cheese burger with their supposedly hand crafted patty with a piece of aged cheddar cheese then smothered with BBQ sauce and onion marmalade served in between the sesame bun. 

It was a simple burger with a pretty simple taste as well.

Though the patty was done at medium-well but it still left with a certain juiciness though the texture was not tightly packed as it broken into pieces when you cut it. Maybe, it just not meant to be eaten using the knife and fork as i was not done with pictures taking so i did not want to dirty my hands.

If i am to give a score then the overall rating for Royale with Cheese Burger is 3/5. It did not taste too fantastic but it was rather acceptable and if i am gonna compare it to the popular Quarter Pounder Burger by a certain fast food chain then this one tasted a little better.

The Swiss Shroom Burger consists of a beef patty, sauteed Shitake mushroom together with a piece of melted Swiss cheese with garlic aioli on a wholemeal bun.

The Swiss Shroom Burger tasted very much like the commonly available Mushroom Swiss Burger by another prominent Fast Food chain but slightly better. It was a tad messy when eating it as the bits of mushroom kept falling out. 

Though Swiss Cheese used but it has absolutely no effect to enhance the overall taste of the burger. It was not too bad if lower down the expectations. The patty was done at medium-well too but the general texture was a bit too soft so it did not have much effect to hold the patty tightly. It crumbled easily into smaller pieces when cut it.

The patty has got little beefy taste. It tasted a slightly plain actually.

The overall rating for the Swiss Shroom Burger is 2.5/5.

The fries did not serve together with the burger but served it much later in a basket. Apparently the only item that left a slightly impression was the fries. The portion served was definitely generous. It was served unsalted and you are expected to salt it using the bottle of salt placed on the table. The crispiness was still there even after left it for a bit.

You might want to take note that the set lunches are only available on the Weekdays and not available on Weekends though there is no where stated in the poster.

122 Pasir Panjang Road SINGAPORE 118544.

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