Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ke Shuan Xing Fried Carrot Cake

It was a quiet Saturday with about 80% of the stalls in this food centre closed at about 2pm. I was left  with such limited choices so i decided to give this stall a go. The options available are $1.50 and $2.00 or $2.50 with extra egg added. I ordered the $2.50 portion then paid up, a number was given and asked to collect it later.

As i was facing the stall so i could see the elderly auntie raised up the number tag to indicate my order is ready to be picked up. The portion given was standard with a hint of spiciness though i did not ask for extra chilli to be added. It has got a comforting old school taste with a nice sweet soya sauce fragance and the pieces of carrot cake were in quite a chunky pieces served with a good amount of egg. I would prefer the egg to be in a smaller pieces to go better with the fried carrot cake. 

Though it was not amongst the best tasting fried carrot cake but it is still worth a try if you happen to be in this food centre. 

861 North Bridge Road #01-104 North Bridge Road Food Centre SINGAPORE 198783
Operating Hours: 6.15 pm to 6 pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

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