Sunday, October 5, 2014

Arnold's Fried Chicken : How Good Are They?

This was not my first time trying out the supposedly famous Arnold's Fried Chicken. It tasted alright the first time though not particularly impressive. That was at least a few years back. I happened to be in the vicinity this time so decided to give it another go. I went for their Fried Chicken Meal ($11.90) , it consists of a whole spring chicken with fries and coleslaw as side dishes but it did not include a drink. If to order the soft drink served in a plastic cup separately then you are expected to pay $2.10 for quite a small cup and it did not quite justify the value. 

A pager was given and the estimated waiting time as advised was about 15 minutes. The pager buzzed a couple of minutes later, i collected my order from the counter. 

The size of the spring chicken was bigger than expected. It was fried perfectly to give a desirable layer of crispy skin with juiciness still retained. The meat tasted rather tender and unexpectedly soft but a little too bland. 

I enjoyed the coleslaw and fries though, it would be nice if the serving portion was a bit more generous for a whole spring chicken.

So, do i like it enough to visit soon? I do not quite think so as this is not going to be amongst my top choices when i am crazing for fried chicken.

51 Yishun Central 1 #01-04 Yishun 10 Cinema Cineplex SINGAPORE 768794

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