Thursday, January 15, 2015

BurgerUp : Burger Up or Down?

BurgerUp is the newest burger joint that took over the space vacated by Wendy's at Yishun Ten Complex in mid December. As stated on their FB page, they are the first and only premium burger restaurant chain created in Singapore. And, they stand for Quality Up, Freedom Up and Service Up. 

I was there at about 1 pm on a weekday. There was only a few tables occupied right at that time, it was unexpectedly quiet. I was expected to order via their Self-Service Kisoks, stating what type of burger with my choice of side and my selection of drink. I wanted a Classic Beef Burger Combo at $9.50 that consists of fries and a regular drink and received a 10% discount for a combo set.

I proceeded to the service counter and paid up, i was given my drink first and asked to pick up the rest when my number is flashed on the LED panel. That was the same number printed on the receipt. While waiting to collect my order at the counter, it was sent over to my table. Such initiative is commendable. Service Up!

Perhaps it has to do with my expectations, the taste of the burger did not manage to impress me. Though it was supposed to be a Beef Burger but it did not have a bit of the beefy taste and the texture of the patty was slightly tough too. Maybe it would be nicer if they have served with the cheese melted. The overall taste was quite plain but the ingredients tasted quite fresh.

Perhaps i have left it for  abit too long the fries though still tasted firm but it was quite bland. I wonder is this their usual standard or it just happened to be their off? I might just give it another chance if i happen to be here with no better lunch option. 

They might be putting in effort to make their burgers differently but they still have a long way to go before so. 

51 Yishun Central 1 #01-03 Yishun Ten Complex Singapore 768794.

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