Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jia Le Hong Kong Roasted Food : It's So Good!

The only time when i ever ordered from them was when they had an outlet at AMK Hub a long time ago. I remember ordering Roasted Duck Drumstick rice at that time. That used to be my favourite. They moved to Marina area for a bit and then to this location. Their current location is not too far from where i am staying.

Mr Charles Tan, the chef cum owner, trained under masters from Hong Kong, has decades of experience in roasted meats. All their roasted meats are done using charcoal fire.

I was there on a Sunday for lunch. It is rather easy to spot their stall, they are located in a coffee shop along Upper Aljunied. If you are coming by bus, they are directly behind the bus stop. There was a short queue of a few people when i was there with most of the tables taken up in the shop. The queue moved rather quickly though. It is self-service here, the order is made at the counter followed by payment then collect your orders. 

I ordered the smallest portion of their Suckling Pig for $12 and a platter of their roasted meat with char siew for $8. I was told these are the prices they charged when they were at Marina area and they did not change it even after moved into the heartland. Though a bit steep but it is acceptable given the quality and standard of their roasted meats.

I particularly enjoyed their Suckling Pig. They do serve Suckling Pig rice for $6 but i could not help but wonder what is the portion like for that price? Again, Suckling Pig is not easily available in a coffee shop environment so it is still worth paying $12 even for such a small portion. This was my favourite amongst all the roasted meats tasted nonetheless.

The level of saltiness was slightly lighter but equally robust in flavor. It was perfectly roasted to give the skin a delightful crispiness. You could clearly hear the cracking sound when you have in your mouth. This was definitely one of the better ones that i had eaten and i totally enjoyed it. 

Char Siew was amongst the best that i ever tasted, it has got the perfect proportional of fat and lean meat to give it the desired texture with just the right tenderness, juiciness and succulent. The meat was slightly charred and nicely caramelised to give its the shiny coating and sweetness. This would definitely be the reason that would get me to keep coming back.

I ordered Wanton Soup ($4) but i was served the Dumpling Soup ($4) instead. Those dumplings tasted just fine with not much surprises. 

I will definitely go back for their Roasted Duck and Japanese Kurobuta Char Siew which is not usually available. Customers are expected to call in advance to make an order for their special Char Siew.

383 Upper Aljunied Road Teck Huat Eating House SINGAPORE 367868.
Operating Hours: 10.30 am to 9.00 pm

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  1. Not really Good , I had try it, very dry, But most important is the lady Boss is very rude....