Sunday, November 1, 2015

Chicken Clinic : A Date with the Dr Chicken

I have purchased 2 vouchers through Groupon to be used at this newly opened shop that specialised in Japanese and Korean style Fried Chicken. I was there close to 1 pm for lunch with a friend and we were the only customers there at that time. We were greeted warmly by the waiting staff and the menu with an order chit was presented right after we seated. We were expected to indicate our orders on the order chit and handed it back to the waiting staff. We decided to go with Chicken Nanban ($18.50), Seasoned Spicy Chicken ($19.50), Black Sesame Fried Chicken ($20.50) and Red Ade ($4.50), their special drink. We were then informed that there is 3 levels of spiciness and it is already quite spicy even at level 1. After some thoughts, we went with the level 1 of spiciness and it was proven to be the right choice later.

Red Ade ($4.50) came first. It is amongst the 3 types of special drink and this is the most expensive and the rest is priced at $3.50. Apparently, it did not taste too special. It is supposed to be a raspberry drink served with a slice of lemon and lime in it. Somehow, it did not quite justify the price of $4.50, i would rather order 2 soft drinks at $2.50 each if i do visit again.

Chicken Nanban ($18.50) came first. It is supposed to be Fried Chicken dipped in Spicy Soy Sauce as described in the menu. It consists of pieces of fried chicken served with bits of preserved green chilli, shredded cabbage drizzled with lemon sauce and a portion of fries together with preserved pickles. And, this turned out to be our favourite choice amongst the others that we ordered.

Black Sesame Fried Chicken ($20.50) was served next. The freshly fried chicken pieces were evenly coated in their special black sesame paste. Though it might not seem to be so but it was much spicier than expected with a lingering aftertaste. My lunch partner pointed out that it did not have even a bit of sesame taste which i agreed.

Seasoned Spicy Chicken ($19.50) came last. It might looked fiery red but it did not taste as spicy as expected in fact its spiciness is milder than that of the Black Sesame Chicken. It has got a rather slight sweetness with a bit of garlicky taste but it was just pleasant tasting with not much of surprises. 

Though the dishes did not particularly standout but the attentive and friendly service left an impression. When i requested to take away the remaining Seasoned Spicy Chicken and they happily obliged. The packed it neatly in a paper box and handed it over to me with a smile. 

It was nonetheless a perfect place to chill out with friends for some Fried Chicken if you happen to be nearby.

11 Sin Ming Road #01-13 Thomson V Two SINGAPORE 575629
Operating Hours: 11.30 am to 10.00 pm (Closed on Mondays)

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