Friday, November 4, 2016

Teck Kee Cooked Food : Simple Goodness

Kebun Baru Food Centre is located near Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 and not too far from the Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park. There are a few popular stalls in this food stall and this stall is one of them. There used to be another stall selling similar items but closed it down quite a while ago. There is always a queue and the queue usually longer when during lunch. Most of their regular customers will go for the sheng mian, which they specially order from the factory. Its texture is different from most noodles as it is springier, and it would not clump together even after left it for a while and it is usually sold out quite early. That is the reason why i usually ended up ordering their dry version of kway teow with extra chilli added. Each bowl starts from $3.00 to $3.50, and it is $4.00 if with extra ingredients. Pork Porridge is available too, at just $3.00.

It is simple homely taste with fresh ingredients used and little MSG is added. The stock is lightly flavored, i would have prefer the soup from the other stall that has closed down. It did not quite taste like Bak Chor Mee (Minced Pork Mushroom Noodle) though is quite similar. The ingredients like minced meat, lean meat, pork liver, fishcake and fish balls are served in the soup and not with the noodles. Most customers would just go for the soup version but the younger customers would actually prefer the dry one.  

It is a hearty choice for breakfast and even for lunch, it is definitely worth the time to queuing up.

Block 226H Ang Mo Kio Street 22 #01-23 Kebun Baru Food Centre SINGAPORE 560226
Operating Hours: 7.30 am to 2.00 pm (Closed on Thursdays)

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