Sunday, December 18, 2016

grit at Pek Kio : the better Western food stall

This is a western food stall started by a next generation hawker, Kieranne Chin with his business partners, Jeremy and Sargu at Pek Kio Food Centre. Kieranne has a degree in Banking & Finance, prior to starting this stall, he has worked for a few restaurants in Singapore and also in New York. They started in October and has been around for slightly more than 2 months. Other than the usual hawker western fare, their menu also includes Skillet Roasted Chicken, Skirt Beef Steak as well as pasta dishes like Mushroom Carbonara serving with Onsen Egg.

I went on last Sunday but they were closed, they left a notice pasted on their shutter but did not mention anything on their Facebook page, a wasted trip then. I went again on Friday for dinner and they were in operation this time. I was attended by Sargu. While browsing the menu board and could not quite decide what to order, he asked, "Spoilt for choice ah?" I decided to go with Fried Chicken Burger at $7.00. Then, i said, "What do you recommend for steak". He suggested Skirt Steak or Picanha (rump cap) and both are priced at $14.00. And, i asked, "What is the difference between both?". He said, "The Picanha is fattier and it is more flavorful". I went with Picanha as recommended. I paid $21.00 for both. I was asked, "Where do you seat?". I pointed to a table near the stall.

I waited for about 15 minutes, Sargu came over and asked, "Do you want your Fried Chicken Burger to be served first or both dishes at the same time?" He also asked, "How do you want the beef to be done?", which i replied, "Medium" and "Please serve the Fried Chicken Burger first". I waited for another 10 minutes before receiving the Fried Chicken Burger, Sargu said, "the Picanha is on the way". It was served 5 minutes later. 

Fried Chicken Burger consists of 2 pieces of nicely fried chicken as patties, garnished with a portion of coleslaw and sandwiched in between the lightly toasted buns together with a generous amount of cheese fries. I was telling my companion that i am even willing to pay upto $9 for such a set so pricing at just $7 is quite a steal.

Next up is Picanha. What is a Picanha? It is actually a cut of beef called rump cap and also referred to as sirlion cap, rump cover and coulotte, a triangular cut from the top of the rump region of the cow, it has a beautiful layer of fat. And, the blanket of fat lends the meat flavor and juiciness while protecting it from over-cooked during grilling.

It was served nicely cut up on a bed of mashed potato. Apparently, i did not like it as much as i would expected to be. The cut was a little too fattier and its texture was a bit too chewier to my liking, it actually required a great amount of efforts and time just to chew it well. I will just order the Skirt Steak next time.

I will be also interested to try their Fried Chicken Cutlet or Chicken Chop that is also serving with the delicious mashed potato that left quite an impression. It was smooth, soft and nicely flavored, it is easily one of the better ones that i ever tried. This alone, is a good reason to come back. 

grit at Pek Kio
41A Cambridge Road #01-45 Pek Kio Food Centre SINGAPORE 211041
Operating Hours: 5.30 pm to 8.00 pm (Tue to Fri) / 7.30 am to 8.00 pm (Sat)
7.30 am to 2.30 pm (Sun) (Closed on Mondays)

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