Monday, October 16, 2017

Yoon's Traditional Teochew Kueh : deliciously handmade with love

I could not quite remember how did I come across their Facebook page and how did I end up liking their page. I was tempted by their delicious looking handmade kuehs for a while and have been wanting to order it. It is a home-based business founded on 12 November 2016. 

I managed to send a message across on their Facebook page stating my orders, which consists of a box of 10 normal-sized Png Kueh ($18) and a box of Pumpkin Kueh ($12). There are also Gu Cai Kueh, Cikak Kueh, Muah Chee and  Nian Gao available for ordering, they are available in different sizes. I received a reply from Qara soon after. I was informed that their delivery is only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for the order that is $30 and above. Self-collection is also available at Eunos area after 2 pm on those days. These kuehs are freshly made in the morning. 

I was asked whether I would be interested to try Gu Cai Kueh or Cikak Kueh since it is going to be delivered right to my door-steps. I decided to go with a box of 10 pieces of Cikak Kueh for $15.00, adding on to the earlier orders for a total of $45. I was asked to choose the flavor and I could not decide between the peanut and green beans filling. I asked whether I could have both flavors but was told only a single flavor is allowed. Qara was kind enough to make an exception by accommodating my request as She wanted me to try both flavors. 

I have to settle the payment first before she could confirm my orders. I made a transfer using an ATM and I took a picture of the transaction slip and sent it to Qara. She got back pretty fast, acknowledging receipt of the payment and confirmed the orders. I received a private message on the delivery day when she was on her way to my house. I was still out at that time and I asked her to just left it outside my house. She sent me a picture after doing so. 

I could not wait to try all of them when I collected where it was left and brought it inside the house. I tried the traditionally handmade Png Kueh first, the skin was delicately thin and soft and its filling consists of glutinous rice with peanuts and bits of dried shrimps in it. I pan-fried it later and it tasted just as good, it was still good when I left it in the fridge and had it the next day. Those were amongst the nicest Png Kuehs that I have ever eaten.

Cikak Kueh is a very traditional Teochew kueh that are not commonly found in Singapore, it is quite similar to Ang Ku Kueh but different. The skin is made of Cikak that give it its name as well as the distinctive flavor, a little difficult to describe it. The green beans paste was not too sweet. It reminded me of something that I had eaten in Taiwan, this was my first time eating it in Singapore though.

I sent a feedback to Qara to tell her that I enjoyed all the kuehs. She replied, "Thanks for the support once again, Cecilia! And, so glad to know that you enjoyed our kuehs. Chef Mum got put love into each one of them." I can actually taste that little bit of love in it. To order, go to their Facebook and send them a message. 


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