Monday, August 13, 2018

茂盛潮洲糜 . 饭 : cheap and good

It was rather quiet during dinner in this food centre and almost 80% of the stalls were already closed for the day. This stall was amongst those that were opened, it is located right at the corner of the first row and there were other customers waiting to order. As it was an early dinner, some of their dishes were not ready yet. 

I decided to go with steamed fishcake, sliced meat with ginger, braised brinjal, and Stingray with salted vegetable together with 2 bowls of porridge and a bowl of rice for only $10.50. This is definitely cheap. It is self-service, the Uncle arranged everything neatly on a big tray for me.

Our favorite dish has to be the sliced meat with ginger. My dining companion said, "It has an old-school taste".

The steamed fishcake was another comforting choice, it tasted good when eaten with the fermented bean sauce and chilli that served along. 

The stingray with salted vegetable has got a rather strong fermented bean taste which my dining companion did not like. I enjoyed it though, it tasted like a similar dish that my dearest Grandpa used to cook for me. The braised brinjal is another homely dish that my Grandpa used to cook. 

There was a queue forming when we were about to leave. I applaud their efforts in keeping the prices affordable, this stall is worth supporting. 

茂盛潮洲糜 . 饭
Block 105 Hougang Avenue 1 #02-02 Hainanese VillageFood Centre SINGAPORE 530105

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