Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Lai Heng Fried Kway Teow at Sembawang Hills Food Centre

This stall has been in this food centre for quite a while, serving Fried Kway Teow ($3/$4) and Banana Leaf Mackerel Otah ($1). They are related to another stall at Shunfu Mart and that stall used to be at the already demolished Lakeview Food Centre along Thomson Road. It is supposed to be manned by the father and sister. The last time when I was there, it was cooked by a lady. It was served in a few minutes. The kway teow were in broken pieces and some were rather charred and dry. I actually thought the portion was pre-cooked then left it in the wok and they just re-fried it to heat up a little before serving it. I did not go back after that. I heard that the father with his 40 years of experience fries very good Fried Kway Teow though. I was at the food centre a few times but did not get to see his father at the wok.

The experience at this stall in Sembawang Hills Food Centre was better. It is one of those stalls that will still serve it to you after ordering. The portion was quite generous even for the smaller serving at $3. It was served with ingredients like cockles, egg, lap cheong with a handful of bean sprouts. It was moist and not overly greasy but not as flavorful as expected to be and it did not have much smoky wok flavor. I did not find any lard amongst it. 

The Banana Leaf Mackerel Otah is an interesting side dish. It was nicely seasoned with a mild spiciness. 

Though I have been in this food centre quite often for lunch, this is not amongst the regular choices. It is getting difficult to find a good Fried Kway Teow these days.

590 Upper Thomson Road #01-15 Sembawang Hills Food Centre SINGAPORE 574419
Operating Hours: 11.00 am to 5.00 pm (Daily)


  1. maybe you want to visit the TPY hawker center side by side one? lorong 5?

    1. Most of the stalls there are usually closed during the day if I remember correctly and that's why I hardly go there.