Monday, November 26, 2018

Xin Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice : not just taste but service matters, too

This is one of the stalls with a queue during lunch on a weekday. The friendly auntie greeted me with a smile. I decided to go with Chicken Drumstick rice. I asked, "How much?". The auntie replied, "$3.50". And, I said, "It is at least $4.00 or more at other places." She replied, "We could not afford to sell it any higher as we are located in a hawker centre unlike those in the air-conditioned food court."

There was a young chap ordered right after me. She recognized him and asked, "Buying for your mother? She is so lucky to have a son buying lunch for her."

I shared it with my dining companion and we agreed that the roasted chicken tasted just normal. The rice was quite a big portion but the flavor was rather light and slightly dry. It was served with a bowl of lightly flavored soup. The chilli was slightly diluted with a mild level of spiciness. 

Sometimes it is not just the taste of the food that kept bringing the customers back but the service matters too. I was told by a hawker that I should not expect customer service from the hawker stall as I do not pay the service charge. The stall closed it down a few months later after that particular encounter. It was a popular noodle stall serving in a food centre.

17 Upper Boon Keng Road #01-20 Upper Boon Keng Food Centre SINGAPORE 380017


    I've been waiting for you to post something on chicken rice to intro you to Boon Chiang.

    They have a few outlets. I took these at serangoon. But i first come across in punggol. Their rice is really fragrant but not oily.

    I think the punggol outlet might be better.

    There's a new fish ball noodles stall at empress road hawker center. $3 for six marble size fish ball and six slices of fish cake. The lard is good. He rests once every two weeks but random day.

  2. I will probably go try the Boon Chiang outlet at Serangoon as it is much nearer. Will also try the fishball noodle if going to Empress Road Hawker Centre again.

    1. Fish ball noodles store name is fu gui. Same row as the duck rice.