Friday, December 20, 2013

Muthiah Restaurant.

I was lucky to be amongst the few winners chosen on their recent facebook contest for $30 voucher given by Muthiah Restaurant. They are an authentic South Indian Chettinad Restaurant in Changi Business Park.

Though they are located near to Expo MRT station but that area is under heavily construction now so it required a certain effort to locate it. Their location is at the corner of the Hotel Tower. If you happen to be there, look out for NTUC Xtra, when you see it, make a left turn, the restaurant is right at the corner.

I was there at about 2 pm. It was quite crowded there with their usual lunch crowd. I presented my voucher and asked to order at the counter. The gentleman right at the counter waited patiently while i went through their menu. After some consideration, i decided to go with Half Tandoori Chicken ($13.50), Chettinad Chick ($9.00), Butter Naan ($3.00), Garlic Naan ($3.50) and Lemon Honey ($2.50).

A number tag was given then proceed to look for a table.

When seated down, we were given 2 metal cups to help ourselves with the water served in a metal jar placed on every table.  The water served in that jar was of room temperature. It would be ideal if it is served with ice cubes added and served together with the cups upon customers seated.

Lemon Honey ($2.50) served first. It was a rather refreshing drink with a slight sourish taste of preserved plums with a hint of sweetness derived from the honey added. It was served chilled with no ice cubes added to further dilute its taste.

The Butter Naan ($3.00) and Garlic Naan ($3.50) served next.

It was sliced and served in a basket and placed on the square metal plate with 2 metal containers of curry sauce and a metal spoon on a piece of banana leaf.

Another empty metal plate with banana leaf served with 2 metal containers of curry sauce is presented to allow sharing with my lunch partner. Such thoughtfulness is commendable.

I guess we are expected to eat with our hands so no fork is presented.

First, to tear the naan apart then dipped it into the curry sauce before eating it. I tried the Garlic Naan first and liked it. I enjoyed the Butter Naan as well. If i have to choose between both, i would prefer the Garlic Naan a little more.

Both are prepared the same way but the Garlic Naan has bits of garlic added to enhance its flavor and both Naan are butter based.

Chettinad Chick ($9.00) came next. I wanted to order Chicken Briyani but could not find it on the menu. I asked the gentleman at the counter whether they do serve it. He nodded and keyed in 'Chettinad Chick' to the cash register.

It was served in a metal pot with a piece of hard-boiled egg placed in the centre together with a metal container of curry sauce and another metal container of cream salad with bits of cucumber and others in it.

To start, give it a good mix. There was a whole piece of chicken hidden in the basmati rice, the long-grain rice that commonly used to prepare the dish. The rice was served warm with a delightful fluffy texture and a noticeable fragrance. The color was not the usual orangey color but a lighter yellow. The best way to enjoy it is to have it with the accompanied curry sauce.

The star of this meal got to be the Half Tandoori Chicken ($13.50). It came in 4 pieces. It was freshly prepared and served piping hot to the table together with shredded onion and mint sauce. The chicken pieces were nicely marinated in yoghurt and tandoori masala to give it the desired flavor.

It might be fiery red in color but the level of spiciness was just comforting.  It tasted as good as the one that i had in Penang and pretty close to my favourite in Malacca too. I am convinced that their Tandoori Chicken might possibly be the best in Singapore as i have yet to try something as good so far.

The mint sauce enhanced the flavor a little but it tasted good on its own too. The perfect way to enjoy it is to have it with those shredded onion.

I took the picture when i was done eating at about 3 pm. The lunch crowd has left and it was only our table and another at that time. The restaurant has bright lighting, cosy interiors and comfortable leather seats to complement the dining experience.

The total amount of the bill was $33.70 minus the $30 value of the voucher. GST is included but not the service charge. The freshly prepared food served was definitely authentic and heart-warming at an affordable prices.

I totally enjoyed my lunch.

Thank you, Muthiah Restaurant.

2 Changi Business Park #01-05 UE Biz Hub Hotel Tower SINGAPORE 486015.

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