Friday, December 6, 2013

Buta Ramen

I was there for an early dinner. And, there was just another table there.

I went to the counter and presented the voucher that i acquired online to the person there. I was told to refer to the menu and completed the order chit. I was asked to choose any of those items listed. He suggested i might want to consider choosing one bowl with their signature pork ribs and other bowl with Charsu as the voucher is for 2 servings.

I was asked to help myself with 2 canned of soft drinks from the fridge.

I decided on a bowl of Spicy Chilli Boss Rib Ramen ($14.90) and Boss Rib Ramen ($13.90). I was asked to get a tray and placed it on the counter. Self-service is expected thus no service charge and GST.

I waited at the counter. The Spicy Chilli Boss Rib Ramen served first in minutes followed by the nicely grilled pork ribs. It was a little faster than expected.

The presentation was pretty neat. It was served with a piece of seaweed, flavored egg, bamboo shoots and garnished with bits of chopped spring onions before served. Though it indicated in the menu that this was a bowl of spicy ramen but i could not quite taste the spiciness. Though the color was in bright red but the level of spiciness tasted rather comforting.

The Boss Rib Ramen served right after. It served with a piece of seaweed, flavored egg and bamboo shots just like the other bowl that served earlier. The broth tasted just fine though the general taste was not too distinctive. There is no option given to select the level of seasoning to customize the taste of it. 

The taste somewhat reminded me a bit of Ajisen Ramen. It was acceptable though not distinctly outstanding.

As there is no option to select the doneness of the ramen, it was a slightly softer with little springiness for both bowls of ramen. I would prefer it to be a slightly al dente to give it a better texture with a nicer chewiness.

To enhance its taste, white and black sesame seeds were provided in a grinder. To grind it, you gotta use both hands. One of them is supposed to stable it by holding onto the base of the grinder then using the other hands to turn the tip on its cover to crush the sesame seeds a bit before added into the noodle.

The star gotta be the grilled pork ribs. It was slow-cooked to achieve the delightful softness before applied the sauce then grilled it to perfection. It was then garnished with bits of sesame seeds and served with a handful of chopped lettuce aside.

The softness of the meat managed to amaze me quite a bit as i did not expect it to be this good. It was done perfectly to retain the tenderness of its texture. The meat pulled away effortlessly from the bone when bite upon. A someone from a particular forum even described the pork ribs as heavenly.

The flavored egg was cooked just right to give the egg yolk a nice orangy color with just the right softness.

If you could not decide whether to have grilled pork ribs or Japanese Ramen then this is the right place to be as you could have the Japanese Ramen with pretty good grilled pork ribs. And, this probably is the only place in Singapore serving pork ribs with ramen for now.

An interesting find. Though the ramen and the broth tasted only just fine but the delectable pork ribs are worthy of the experience.

137 Far East Square #01-04 SINGAPORE 049965.


  1. I tried this during lunch recently since it is relatively close to my office and I did not quite enjoy it. One of the few occasions where I actually did not finish my ramen. You should give Ramen Suzuki at Circular Road a try if you have not. Much better broth and if you like the option to choose how your noodles are done and also the types of toppings, you would surely enjoy a meal there more.

    Just revisited it again for the third time last night. They have a separate dinner menu. Will update my previous entry on it soon. (

  2. It tasted just like Ajisen Ramen which i do not usually eat. Lunch partner actually commented it was just slightly better than those instant ramen. I will give the Ramen Suzuki a try if i am in town next time. :)