Saturday, December 13, 2014


This was my first visit on a rainy Saturday for a late lunch. I expected queue though as there is always a consistent queue since their opening but there were only another couple right in front. The likely reason could be the rainy weather or perhaps it was just my lucky day. We were ushered to a table for 2 rather quickly. The space in between tables was rather crampy and it left with little privacy to talk about. I guess most eateries would try to minimise whatever space they could to cater to a larger crowd.

An order chit was presented together with the menu but no specific instruction has given on the process to place an order. An observation was made while browsing through the menu, their other customers held on to their order chits and went to queue at the counter. The waiting time was a bit too long as there was only an order taker cum cashier right there and it happened that the few customers in front were a bit indecisive. I understand that no service charge is applicable but it was a bit too time consuming. 

We decided on the Japanese Curry Baked Rice ($12.80) and their signature Heart Attack Fried Rice with 200 grams of New York strips ($15.80), an $3.80 was added to include an Iced Lemon Tea with their Soup of the Day. 

The Japanese Curry Baked Rice came first. The taste though decent but it did not remind me a bit of Japanese Curry with zero level of spiciness, the amount of cheese was rather generous with a handful of minced beef in it. A good way to enjoy it is to have it with the parmesan cheese powder together with the dried chilli flakes.

The Heart Attack Fried Rice came next. I got to remind the waiting staff that i did not get my Iced Lemon Tea and Soup yet. It was served right after, together. 

The first mouthful of the most talked about Heart Attack Fried Rice did not amaze me, the texture was a bit too hard with a bit taste of dark soya sauce, it tasted utterly ordinary actually. The texture of the New York strips was equally disappointing, it was a bit too tough though i wanted it to be done at medium. I felt the accompanied sauce did not go too well with both the fried rice and the beef strips. If i guessed it correctly, the sauce is a mixture of chilli and tomato sauce then topped with bits of minced garlic and pieces of chilli buddy. 

I wish i could say otherwise but the overall experience was quite a disappointing one that left me with no intention to go back once more. I could not help but wonder what could be the possible reason behind that constant long queue since i did not particularly enjoyed it after tasting it and it is not particularly cheap as well though still affordable. I guess it is a matter of preference and expectation, it is definitely subjective as well.

53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 #04-02 AMK Hub SINGAPORE 569933
Operating Hours: 11 am to 10.30 pm (Sun to Thu) / 11 am to 2.30 am (Fri, Sat & PH)

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