Saturday, February 6, 2016

Song Kee Fishball Noodle: their handmade fish dumplings are so good

This is the famous supper spot along Upper Serangoon Road and it operates from 7.00 pm to around midnight or till sold out.

I was there on the eve of Christmas slightly 8 pm and it was not as crowded as expected as i was told the waiting time would be just 30 minutes, it is known for its long waiting time and it is usually at least 45 minutes or it could be even longer than that. You are advised to order first, take a number tag then wait for a table. Even if you come early, you are expected to wait as well as there is usually a queue waiting for them to start at around 7.00 pm. I picked up the number tag and found a table rather quickly right after. You are also expected to help yourself with those drinks in the fridge and it will be charged together when they delivered the noodles. 

The noodles came slightly after 30 minutes and is served by a friendly Auntie. There are 2 sizes, the small and the larger portion with different types of noodles of your choice. When ordering a bigger portion, you will get to choose whether you want it with extra ingredients or extra noodles. 

I do like to have an extra amount of chilli added but it will usually accumulated a pool of oil at the base. The spiciness of the chilli is not distinctive but it added layer to the flavor. 

The larger portion of noodles came with 2 different types of fish balls and their signature handmade fish dumplings that are not commonly available these days, in fact, they are one of the 2 that are still doing it. The skin of these fish dumplings are handmade using the fresh of the fish and it is nicely made to give it just the right thickness for a elasticity that provides an enjoyable chewiness when you bite on it. Their fish dumplings are one of the reasons that gotten their customers to keep coming back and patiently waiting to be served.

Their noodles were cooked just right to give it the delightful texture and a desired softness. Though simple but it was highly satisfying.

I felt it is not just the food but also the attentive and accommodating service that keep their customers to keep coming and patiently waiting to be served each time.

532 Upper Serangoon Road SINGAPORE 534547
Operating Hours: 7.00 pm to 12.00 am (Closed on Wednesdays)

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