Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Din Tai Feng : Has the standard dropped?

I could not quite remember when was my last visit to Din Tai Feng, it was probably about 5 to 6 years ago or even longer. I used to be quite a fan of their Chilli Crab Xiao Long Bao as well as their Pork Chop Fried Rice, i have tried their main branch in Taiwan as well as the different branches in Singapore. I strongly felt the standard was much higher in Taiwan as compared to those in Singapore then.

I decided to re-visit after such a long while. I went to their branch at Jurong Point and there was quite a number of customers waited there during lunch. I was told that a table for 3 has to wait at least 20 minutes and a number was assigned and it will then displayed on the LED panel when the table is ready. We filled up the order chit while waiting for the table. 

We were served tea upon seated down. The Jasmine Tea is free-flow and is charged at $1.00 per pax. I would suggest to skip ordering drinks and stick to the Jasmine Tea. The service was rather attentive and the waitresses have been topping it up quite frequently.

We ordered the original Xiao Long Bao and Crabs filling Xiao Long Bao, both were served at the same time. I took a couple of minutes to shot some pictures and perhaps i took a bit too long, it was lurk warm when i tasted it and both did not manage to impress me much.

Their signature Fried Rice with Pork Chop is always the must order whenever i visit. It was still good though, this has to be the best dish amongst all that we ordered. The rice was nicely coated with egg but not as grainy as i like it to be but the Pork Chop was good, nicely marinated thus very flavorful with a desirable tenderness. 

Their Braised Beef Noodle was the biggest disappointment. The beef though tender but very lacking in flavor, same as the broth but the texture of noodles was not too bad. 

I do like their Dumplings in chilli oil, it was slightly spicy with a nice hint of vinegar taste. The skin of the dumpling was a bit too thick but the filling was quite tasty. I actually quite enjoyed it.

The Stuffed Green Chilli was not too bad as well but a bit pricey.

The overall experience was quite a disappointment and for the same amount that we paid, i would rather visit Legendary Hong Kong in the same building.

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