Monday, March 21, 2016

Penang Signature : Assam Laksa

This stall is the newest kid on the block amongst the other stalls in this food centre. They have only been around for about 3 weeks and there is only one item on their menu, which is Assam Laksa for $3.50. You could smell the rather distinctive flavor of Assam Laksa from far. The stall is manned by a young chap all by himself. Though he is not too chatty but quite friendly, i was told that he is a local and his wife is from Ipoh, that is why he gotten the recipe of Assam Laksa from. He mentioned that he is using 2 types of fish, he acknowledged that one of them is Sardine but he refused to reveal the other type of fish listed in his recipe which is likely to be Mackerel or Kembung, he said it is their secret. Assam Laksa is also known as Penang Laksa over in Penang.

Their business seemed to be slow even though it was lunch time then with no queue. There was no customer when i went back after eating to talk with the young owner. I guess perhaps not too many locals are able to appreciate the special flavor of Assam Laksa which is distinctly different from the local laksa. It is not as spicy as expected but tangier, it could be quite a refreshing choice if you like it but you might hate if it is not your cup of tea. As compared to the other Assam Laksa i have tasted so far, this one somewhat reminded me of what i had when i was in Penang. This has to be one of the better ones that i have came across in Singapore.

Their choice of noodles is really close to those served in Penang. It looks a bit like thick bee hoon that normally use for our version of Laksa and also for those Fish Head Bee Hoon but the texture is different, it is more chewier and springer. I was told by the owner that they have it specially made to give their Assam Laksa a more authentic feel. The soup has a well-balanced sourish taste, with bits of shredded fish and chunks of pineapple also slices of tamarind, onion and cucumber, it was then topped with a thick sweet prawn paste to serve.

When i told the young owmer that his Assam Laksa is really nice and i could see his face brighten up. I wish him all the best and hopefully his stall is able to survive well and still around when i visit again.

116 Upper Bukit Timah Road #02-28 Bukit Timah Food Centre SINGAPORE 588172
Operating Hours: 12.00 pm to 8.00 pm (Daily)

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