Thursday, October 13, 2016

Potong Pasir King Specialist Carrot Cake in Ang Mo Kio

This fried carrot cake stall is in a coffee shop near to the famous Pine Garden cake shop and is serving white and black versions of fried carrot at $2.50 and $3.00, they also serve fried kway teow. This stall is operated by an elderly Uncle all by himself, he cooks, he serves and he collects the payment and even so, the service is unexpectedly fast though. The stall has been around for years, i had tasted it once and that was quite a while ago. I start to patronising this stall on a regular basis only recently, i came back a few times and usually packed it to have it take away. That time, when i took notice of a blown up newspaper article that was displayed underneath their signboard, i asked, "Have this article actually improved the business?". Uncle nodded. Then i said again, "It said your carrot cake is very nice.". Uncle asked, "Have you eaten before?". I said, "I did but that was quite a while back". That article was actually the reason that got me to revisit again. 

If you are observant, you might notice that there are towers of those deep and round metal baking tins nicely stacked up, some are empty and some still have kueh in it. These are the handmade kueh made using rice flour and shredded radish as the main ingredients and both are added in the almost equal proportion for a well-balanced texture. It is then cut into irregular rectangular pieces before frying it with preserved radish (chye poh), egg and garlic, dark soya sauce is added for the black version. The Uncle has fried it well to not overcooking the egg as well as leaving the edges of those pieces of kueh to a nice crisp.

I have tried both versions and both are nice, i liked it equally much that i would usually order a plate of black carrot cake and another plate of white carrot cake at $2.50 for each plate. Uncle took notice of it so when he served it, he usually just brought along a single fork. 

Even though Fried Kway Teow is also available on the menu but i have never seen it been served during my last few visits so it might not be worth trying after all. 

Block 532 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 Sunday F & B Coffee Shop SINGAPORE 560532
Operating Hours: 7.00 am to 7.00 pm (Closed on Wednesdays)

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