Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wei Nan Wang Hock Kian Lor Mee : Soon to be Gone

This humble stall is operated by an elderly couple. This stall has an interesting name and to translate it into English, it simply means the 'unforgettable taste' Hokkien Lor Mee. I was there at about 10.30 am, the elderly Auntie was still slicing the braised meat and i thought they are not ready yet, i approached the Auntie to ask. She said, "We have already started. What do you want?" I told her that i wanted the $4 portion with $1 extra ingredients added. Auntie did not quite expect that i go for the bigger portion. There is also the smaller portion at $3.00. There are also a few types of noodles to choose from.

While waiting for the Uncle to prepare it, i started chatting with the Auntie. We talked about the demolition of Market Street Food Centre that is going to take place next year. When asked whether would they be moving to the new food centre, the Auntie said, "No, we are going to retire after this food centre is gone." She then said, "I am already 77 years old." I asked, "How old is your husband?" She replied, "He is also 77 years old. We are of the same age."

She told me that they have been selling Lor Mee for the past 40 over years, they started in Bugis Street and have moved a few times though still in the town area. She said, "We stay at Pasir Panjang and we have to come as early as 3.00 am to start the preparation work. We used to stay in Bukit Merah though but moved farther and farther away." She added, "We are already too old to continue doing it." She also said, "It can be quite boring if just stay at home and do nothing." And, i asked, "Would your children want to take over?" She said, "My son is a graduate and he used to study Computer Science in oversea. He would never want to take over." Auntie was saying there is usually long queue during lunch time and they will closed after lunch.

I did not quite expect it to be such a big bowl when i received it. I do not know whether is this the usual serving size or i was given an extra bigger portion for my friendliness? In the end, i did not manage to finish it with some noodles left. 

It was topped with minced garlic, sambal chilli and also the red cut chillies. The gravy was not too starchy, a little too light though and a bit watery, it has a slight of sourish taste. It was served with quite a bit of those fried balls that are made of flour, i thought it was meatballs initially though. The other ingredients consist of braised meat, shredded fish meat, fried fish skin. There was also another fried item in it which i think was the fried beancurd skin, it was a bit too soft after soaked in the gravy for a bit so i could not really tell. 

This is another stall to check it out before the demolition of the food centre as they would call it quit after the food centre is gone. Then, the forgettable taste would only be in the memory. It might not be the best tasting Lor Mee that i have ever eaten but the old-school taste is rather pleasing. 

50 Market Street #03-03 Market Street Food Centre SINGAPORE 048940
Operating Hours: 10.00 am to 2.30 pm (Monday to Friday)

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