Monday, March 20, 2017

Tat Poh Chicken Rice : the old-school taste

It was on a Monday when I visited this stall in this sleepy food centre along Sembawang Road and as expected, most of the stalls were closed on that day including the popular western food stall. It was quite quiet even during lunch, the elderly couple manning this stall was just standing in front of their stall awaiting customers. I decided to try for the first time. I went ahead with roasted chicken drumstick rice with a braised egg for $4.00. 

It is self-service there. The elderly Uncle placed a plate of rice on the tray first then followed by the nicely chopped roasted chicken drumstick served together with the braised egg on a pile of cucumber slices. It was served along with a bowl of lightly flavoured soup that garnished with chopped spring onion. I helped myself with the chilli there. 

The chicken was flavorful and tender, it tasted different from most of the other stalls as it has a rather old-school taste. They do not serve it with the soy-based sauce but drizzled with sesame oil pretty heavily. The rice was rather grainy and slightly greasy with a hint of chicken broth. The chilli tasted spicy with a slight ginger taste. 

It was a simple yet satisfying choice for lunch in this food centre.

590 Upper Thomson Road #01-03 Sembawang Hills Food Centre SINGAPORE 574419
Operating Hours: 8.00 am to 2.00 pm (Daily)

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