Sunday, July 30, 2017

DadPizza : Salted Egg Cream Chicken Pizza is a must-try

I chanced upon DadPizza when I was heading to have my favorite Lor Mee at Circuit Road Food Centre. Hans Chan, the owner, started this stall, offering different types of Italian thin crust pizza and pasta dishes at affordable prices. He grew up in the neighborhood, and his family could not quite afford to eat pizza during his younger days, and that prompted him to open this stall after working in an Italian restaurant. It is located in a coffee shop, a most unlikely and least expected place. This coffee shop is located along Circuit Road and is directly behind a bus stop.

I came by with my dining companion on a Friday during lunch and I was their only customer at that time. Hans was there. I asked, "How big is the large pizza? Can 2 persons finish 2 large pizza?" He replied, "Most of my customers can do so." I decided to go with a large Seafood Pizza ($12.80) and a Salted Egg Cream Chicken Pizza ($13.80). This is likely to be the cheapest hard crust pizza that you would ever get. The dough is hand stretched on the spot then adding the toppings and baking it in a proper pizza oven. It is self-service, Hans will press the bell to indicate a pickup when it is ready. We had waited for about 10 minutes before we heard the bell rung. We got the Seafood Pizza first and waited for another 5 minutes before the bell rung the second time to collect the Salted Egg Cream Chicken Pizza.

The Seafood Pizza was nice but not of much surprises and not the tastiest pizza as well. The crust was paper-thin and crispy with ingredients like squid rings, prawns, and mussels. 

The Salted Egg Cream Chicken Pizza was a pleasant surprise. I could smell the fragrance of salted egg even before eating it. This was the first ever salted egg pizza that I have ever eaten, and I think Hans has made this combination works. 

There was a generous bit of salted egg under the layer of melted cheese together with slices of grilled chicken breast. For $13.80, this is not only nice but of a good value. 

We liked it so much that we decided to order a large Meaty Pizza ($12.80) and a large Tom Yam Pizza ($13.80) to take away. I was told that I would have to pay 0.70 cents for the box which I have no issue. Hans brought it to our table when it was ready. I told him that, "The Salted Egg Cream Chicken Pizza is really nice. Did you use the real salted egg in it?" He replied, "Yeah." I said, "We will come back again." And, he said, "Thank you." 

The Meaty Pizza was a bit disappointing. I am expecting toppings like minced beef or even chicken, but instead, it is sliced hot dog and ham. It did not have the "meaty" feel at all when eating it. My dining companion cheekily suggested that perhaps it should be renamed to "Processed Meat Pizza" instead. 

The Tom Yam Pizza is another interesting creation that I came across for the first time. It is quite similar to the Seafood Pizza but with just a hint of spiciness. I would think this is a better choice than the Seafood Pizza. 

I did not get to chat much with Hans as he seems a little reserved, but I truly appreciate his efforts in wanting to serve good pizza at lower prices and it is homemade with love.

Block 78 Circuit Road #01-470 SINGAPORE 
Operating Hours: 11.30 am to 9.00 pm (Closed on Wednesdays)

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