Friday, July 28, 2017

Shitamatchi Tendon Akimitsu : as good as those in Japan

Shitamatchi Tendon Akimitsu is an award-winning tempura and tendon restaurant from Asakusa in Tokyo, Japan and is owned by Chef Tanihara Akimitsu, the founder, using a recipe that has been around for 128 years. He is also the 5th generation owner and head chef of Dote No Iseya. It has expanded to Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and recently landed in Singapore, brought in by Japan Food Holdings Group. This group also owned brands like Menya Musashi, Osaka Osho, Ajisen Ramen and New Man Lee Bak Kut Teh. 

There was already a long queue when we were there at about 11.45 pm before they open at 12.00 pm. The Godaime Tendon that is at the discounted price of $24.90 was not available as only 10 sets available per day, the original price of the set is $49.80. 

As part of their opening promotion, you have the option to choose between the Matcha Ice-cream Puff or Oi Ocha if you like their Facebook page. 

The menu features different types of Tendon as well as Tempura Rice Sets and Tencha with side dishes and desserts. The must-order has to be the Akimitsu Signature Tendon ($14.90), it consists of prawn, white fish, golden mushroom, seaweed, assorted vegetables, and egg. You could choose the original sauce or the spicy sauce to go with the tendon. We also ordered the Mixed Tempura Rice Set ($15.90) that comprises of prawn, white fish, golden mushroom, seaweed and assorted vegetables. The menu also includes the Ebi Tendon ($17.90), Kakiage Tendon ($15.90), Vegetable Tendon ($12.90) and Kakiage Tencha ($17.90).

I enjoyed the single serving of Chawanmushi that is part of the set, it was silky smooth with a custard-like texture that was so soft that will melt in your mouth. The flavor was so subtle with a complexity of the dashi that came through with mushroom and shrimp embedded in it. 

Each order that inclusive of a main is also served with complimentary free-flow of pickles and a bowl of Miso Soup. 

The Akimitsu Signature Tendon came first. My dining companion and I agreed that the Tendon is almost as good as those that are served in Japan. Those Tempura pieces were lightly battered and deep fried to the desired crispiness and no greasiness to it. 

The Tempura Egg was done perfectly with a runny egg yolk. I remembered dining at one of the oldest tempura restaurants in Tokyo and they are supposed to be famous for their Tempura Egg but it ended up overcooked, it was a disappointing experience then. 

When we were almost done sharing the Akimitsu Signature Tendon, the Mixed Tempura Rice Set is still not served. We informed the service staff and the recovering service was prompt though, they served it in just a bit, and the lady that seemed to be in charge apologized for mixing up the order.

The Mixed Tempura Rice Set came with a bowl of rice with Miso Soup and their specially curated Tempura Sauce together with Sesame Salt and Matcha Salt. It was as good as the previous set, and we enjoyed it totally.

They are in the midst of opening another outlet at Vivocity soon. 

68 Orchard Road #04-65/68 Plaza Singapura SINGAPORE 238839
Operating Hours: 12.00 pm to 3.00 pm / 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm (Daily)

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