Friday, May 24, 2019

Famous Amoy Street Lor Mee : comfort food

It is stated on their signboard that this is the "Best Lu Mian In Town". I am curious and have been wanting to try. Lor Mee is the only item on their menu, it is available at $3 and $4. There were a few other customers in the queue when I was there on a weekday for an early lunch. They used to be at Amoy Street Food Centre from 1982 to 1997 before resurfacing at its current location about 12 years ago. The owner is using a recipe that has been handed down from his father. 

While queuing, the boss asked, "$3 or $4?" I decided to have a larger portion. It consists of a good portion of flat yellow noodles with ingredients like prawn roll, fried batang, battered fish and lor bak. The chilli, garlic, and vinegar are available for self-service. My first mouthful did not exactly wow me but I liked it enough to keep eating. The braising sauce was nicely complemented by the amount of chilli and garlic added, it was quite thick and not too starchy. It is nice though not quite the best Lor Mee in town but is definitely amongst the best.  

My dining companion asked, "I thought you just had Lor Mee yesterday and why are you eating it so soon?" I can actually eat it every day as I am quite a fan of Lor Mee and have been going around eating this dish from different stalls. It is simply my kind of comfort food. I will come back soon for another bowl of their Lor Mee and this time, I will go for extra ingredients. 

Block 91 Whampoa Drive #01-19 Whampoa Food Centre SINGAPORE 320091
Operating Hours: 8.00 am to 2.00 pm (Daily)


  1. I used to eat when they were there in 1990. But the standard dropped after that. The best was the one at North Bridge fc. I wonder how the cousin is doing after taking over the stall.

  2. I tried the Zhen Hao Lor Mee once just before it closed and did not get to try it yet when the cousin took over the stall.

    Old airport. Not bad. But I don't like his vinegar. Close Tuesday. Opens to 7pm

  4. I heard this is as good as that famous one but minus the queue.