Friday, November 1, 2019

Ah Hua Assam : homely comfort food

This stall is started by Ah Hua and her son, Bryan Wong in July 2019. The menu includes Signature Assam Chicken ($4.50), Braised Chicken ($4.50) that are served with rice and also Assam Fish Head ($15/$20), Handmade Ngor Hiang ($1.50) and Fried Bee Hoon ($1.00).

I went back for the second time within a week. This time, I decided to try the Assam Fried Bee Hoon, added a piece of ngor hiang and egg omelet for $3. Bryan asked, "Do you want sauce for your bee hoon? Curry or Assam sauce?" I replied, "What do you recommend?" He said, "I will say half of the curry sauce and half of Assam sauce." I nodded my head. When he handed the plate to me, I asked, "Ah Hua is your partner ah? The Ah Hua on the signboard is a female and so it cannot be you." He pointed to the lady that was cooking right behind and said, "That is Ah Hua and she is my mother." Ah Hua turned and smiled at me then back to her cooking. Their main ingredient is the Assam chilli paste for all their dishes. And, they have been selling the Assam Chilli Paste online for quite a while before starting this stall.

The Assam fried bee hoon was served on a traditional enamel plate and it tasted quite nice. I could actually taste the spice from the Assam chilli paste but the bee hoon was broken up into shorter strands though. It was done on purpose or caused by the quality of the bee hoon? 

I ordered the Assam Chicken, Ngor Hiang, Curry Vegetable, and Chap Chye with rice for $5.50 during my first visit. The chicken drumstick was nicely cooked in the Assam chilli paste to the desired tenderness and it did not taste as spicy as it looked. I am so used to eating Assam Fish and this was the first time trying Assam Chicken. When my dining companion tasted the handmade ngor hiang, he said, "This is quite good. I could actually taste bits of chestnut in it and quite flavorful too." The chap chye and curry vegetable were cooked well to a nice softness. These dishes tasted like what a mother will cook at home and a homecooked meal is always homely yet comforting.

335 Smith Street #02-106 Chinatown Complex Food Centre SINGAPORE 050335
Operating Hours: 10.00 am to 7.00 pm 


    No more queue!
    Also, did you try the Hainan xiao chi in the hawker centre?

  2. Hkm standard drop a bit! Squid like not fresh.

    1. I almost wanted to go today but went to Chef Chik instead.