Friday, May 7, 2021

Happy Congee 满粥了 : satisfying Congee and Chee Cheong Fun

Seng Kor, the former consultant of Mui Kee Congee in Singapore is behind this stall. This stall specializes in Hong Kong-style Congee and Chee Cheong Fun. Their prices are more affordable as compared to the same items by Mui Kee.

Their chee cheong fun is made upon order using the traditional method. Their choices for Chee Cheong Fun include the Rice Noodle Roll with Dough Stick ($4) which is not commonly available in Singapore. The others are Triple Sauce Rice Noodle Roll ($3.50), Char Siew Rice Noodle Roll ($4), Minced Meat Pickle Vege Rice Noodle Roll ($5.50), Mala Chicken Shredded Rice Noodle Roll ($5.00), and Prawn Rice Noodle Roll ($5.00). 

There are 6 types of Congee, the Hong Kong Boat Congee ($6.00), Black Iberico Pork Congee ($5.00), Lettuce & Chicken Shredded Congee ($4.00), Fresh Toman Fish Congee ($5.00), Seafood Abalone Congee ($8.00), and Century Egg and Minced Meat Congee ($4.00).

There was quite a long queue when I was there on Sunday for lunch but the queue moved pretty fast. I waited for about 10 minutes to order and decided to try the Century Egg & Minced Meat Congee added an egg for $0.80, Rice Noodle Roll with Dough Stick, and Char Siew Rice Noodle Roll. And, waiting for about 8 minutes or so to collect it. 

To start, gently break the raw egg and mix it into the porridge. My dining companion said, "The porridge is really nice, got standard. It is thick and smooth." 

The Rice Noodle Roll with Dough Stick is known as 炸两 in Chinese, it is a Cantonese dim sum made of rice flour into the rice noodle roll and tightly wrapping the dough stick doused in soy sauce with sesame seeds sprinkled on top.

My dining companion took a piece and said, "The 炸两 is surprisingly good, the youtiao inside is still crispy. The saltiness of soy sauce is not overwhelming."

Char Siew Rice Noodle Roll tasted just fine, nicely made with minced char siew in it. 

There are other 2 outlets at Block 681 Hougang Avenue 8 and 56 Upper Changi Road run by Francis Mak that used to own Cafe de Hong Kong. 

380 Jalan Besar ARC 380 SIGAPORE 2090000
Operating Hours: 8.30 am to 2.30 pm / 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm 

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