Saturday, May 1, 2021

Kelaté : traditional Kelantanese fare

This is a halal hawker stall started by Sasqia Dahuri, a Malaysian actress, producer, and TV host on 8 February 2021. She is running the stall with her Singaporean husband. This stall is specialized in noodle dishes from Kelantan, Malaysia. There are only 3 items on the menu, namely Laksam ($4.90/$6.90/$7.90), Mee Celup ($4.90/$6.90/$7.90), and Colek Malah (3 pieces for $4 and 6 pieces for $7). 

I was there at about 3.05 pm and there was already a short queue, though the stall will only open at 3.30 pm during Ramadan. Their usual operating hours are from around 8.15 am to 2.00 pm. I was the fourth customer in the queue. I waited till about 3.40 pm before they were ready to start taking orders. I order the smaller portion of Laksam and Mee Celup together with 3 pieces of Colek Malah. After ordered, I was told that I would have to wait about 30 to 40 minutes for it to be ready. My name would be called upon when it is ready and I waited till 4.30 pm before my name was shouted. 

I was quite surprised to see that it has been packed for taking away though I did indicate that I would like to have it there. 

This was my first time eating Laksam. It tasted a bit like our local Laksa, it came with thick bee hoon as a default choice as I was not asked for the selection. I came across that most of the other orders shared online was served with rice noodle rolls. It came in a thick coconut milk gravy with ulam and sambal. 

I enjoyed the Mee Celup, it has a familiar taste that reminded me of beef noodle. The dish is made with a broth of chicken and beef, served with beef chunks, crushed peanuts, fried garlic, and dried chilli flakes. When ordering, I was asked, "yellow noodle?". I nodded.

My dining companion was a bit surprised when he realised that Laksam and Mee Celup are of the same price. He said, "How can it be? The Laksam has just egg and no other meat like the Mee Celup."

Colek Malah is actually fried fritter consisting anchoives and vegetable served with their special chilli. 

This is something from our usual hawker fare and it is definitely worth trying.

93 Toa Payoh Lorong 4 #01-47 SINGAPORE 310093
Operating Hours: 3.30 pm to 9.30 pm (Closed on Thursdays)


  1. Maybe they don't want to wash dishes during this period of time. Anyway. Last time it opens at around 0815. Not 6am.

    A Japanese friend went to try. She said it is run by Japanese. Meaning, the staff there are Japanese. Another new hawker stall by Japanese. She said it's just as good as restaurant. Cook is Japanese but cashier is local though.

    1. That stall is interesting. Will try to find my way there.


    There's also another one nearby. Former restaurant chef it seems. Haven't heard of any reviews yet.