Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Sukuraco : the Japan experience

Sukuraco ( is the premium Japanese subscription box service.  

It features 20 authentic and traditional sweets and teas each month, focusing on the unique beauty and culture of Japan. 

Each item featured in Sakuraco is sourced from small-scale, local makers to able experience a new journey through Japan each month. 

Each box comes with a professionally translated booklet so you will always know exactly what you are getting. This is the goal of Sukuraco to spread the love of Japanese culture across the world via the approachable medium of sweets and tea. 

Dried Persimmon Mochi. These beautifully soft mochi are inspired by the flavor of dried persimmon or hoshigaki, a Japanese tradition made by peeling persimmons, dipping them in hot sake, and then hanging them to dry.

Made with glutinous mochi rice flour, they are infused with the delicate flavor of this vibrantly orange fruit that is used as a new year's decoration before being enjoyed. 

Sencha infused Matcha. Made with originally grown green tea, this blend features rich matcha cultivated by Mount Fuji for a rich but not overly bitter flavor. The New Year's packaging is the perfect touch for celebrating holidays. 

Brwon Sugar Kuzumochi. Kuzomochi is a traditional dessert made from fermented wheat starch. This brown sugar version has a gentle sweetness that pairs perfectly with tea and is wrapped in beautiful New Year packaging. 

Cocoa Sable (top, left). This delicate cocoa butter sable is in the shape of a Japanese wild boar, or inoshihi. Inoshihi are respected for their courage, but are also a symbol of prosperity and tenacity. 

Butter Sable (below, left). This milk butter sable is inspired by the wild boar that live around Hakone, a beloved spa town in Kanagawa. This adorable cookie has a lovely rich butter flavor that is the perfect way to start the morning. 

Matcha Cookie (top, right). These delicate butter sandwich cookies are infused with rich matcha white chocolate filling. Wonderfully crisp, they melt in the mouth and feature the silhouette  of a young Japanese lady. 

Shirasu Pie (below, right). Shirasu are small, juvenile fish that feature heavily in traditional Japanese cuisine and are a local specialty in Kanagawa. This shirasu pie is made with rich buttery pastry that pairs perfectly with the delicate flavor of the fish. 

Plum and Shiso Snacks. These delightful rice snacks are infused with the classic flavor pairing of shiso (Japanese basil) and dried plum. Traditionally, many fruits and vegetables were dried or pickled after the harvest to keep them preserved during the long winter.

Chestnut Red Bean Bread. Chestnut is a traditional flavor in Japan and enjoyed throughout autumn and winter. The fluffy bread is made with panettone yeast for Italy and slowly fermented for a rich flavor with no preservative. 

Enoshima Tako Rice Cracker (left). Enoshima is a small island off the Shonan coast of Kanagawa that is famous for fresh seafood. Get a taste of the local delicacies with this octopus rice cracker, inspired by the food stands selling freshly grilled seafood.

Fresh Cream Baumkuchen (right). A popular breakfast or afternoon tea cake, this layered German cake is now more prevalent in Japan than in its native country. This version is made with fresh cream for a rich flavor and delicate texture. 

Soybean Mochi (top). Made with fragrant toasted soybeans from Tokachi Plain in Hokkaido. The soybeans are first kneaded into the dough, giving this senbei a soft texture that melts in your mouth. Lightly seasoned with salt, they are the perfect savory snack to pair with a cup of roasted green tea. 

Okoge Senbei (below). Inspired by the grilled rice balls or yaki onigiri, this senbei is made with rice cooked over an open flame and is then toasted and coated in soya sauce for a roasted and fragrant flavor. 

Berry Shortcake Rusk (right). Rusk is a popular tea snack in Japan made from a twice-baked baguette with sweet or savory flavoring. This vibrant version features a lovely swirl and the rich buttery flavors of a berry shortcake. Enjoy it with tea or coffee for the perfect afternoon snack.

Shonan Gold Citrus Jelly. This Sakuraco original jelly is made with shonan citrus fruit from Kanagawa prefecture. Also known as golden oranges, this unique citrus has a refreshing and bright flavor.

Sakura Petal Chopsticks. Crafted by Tanaka Hashi, which has been producing quality lacquered chopsticks since 1948. This beautiful set features the classic imagery of cherry blossoms in either red or blue. 

This is the way to experience Japan when still not allowed to travel there.