Friday, March 7, 2014

Japanese Buffet Lunch at Clover GAC Seletar

I was told of this restaurant by the group members of a particular foodie group that there is an ongoing promotion for the buffet lunch at an affordable $15.90 nett from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm on Monday to Friday starting from 5 March 2014. 

The restaurant is located secludedly right in Seletar Aerospace View right beside the runway. You might want to take note that there is only Bus 103 going in there if you are not driving. The bus stop is located a short distance from the restaurant. First to look out and to walk through the covered walkway then another few minutes walk from there. Keep a lookout for the MAJ Aviation Building and walk through the door with the Flying Training School stated outside. The restaurant is at the end of the corridor. I was there slightly after 11 am. I remember it stated in their posted on their facebook page that the buffet lunch is supposed to start at 11.00 am. They was still in the midst of preparation when i was there. I was told by a friendly lady that i have to wait till 11.30 am. She suggested that i took a seat at lobby first. When i was there waiting, the same lady appeared. She asked me to take a seat in the restaurant and have a hot drink first while wait. I just thought she might be that friendly lady owner by the name of Claudia that talked about by the group members. She confirmed it when i asked for her name.

This is the view right outside the window when we seated down. Another couple of minutes later, Claudia came by to tell me everything is ready. She brought me around to brief me a little. She told me that not too many people heard about her restaurant as this building used to be classified under industrial building and there is a law against advertising for such a building. She said it has only changed it to commercial in early this year. The restaurant occupied 2 units right next to each other. The particular that we were is serving different types of sushi and handroll. The other one is serving cooked food with a kitchen taking order for Chawamusi, Mini Ramen and Teppanyaki dishes. There is also a display fridge where the desserts are right there.

Chawamusi and Mini Ramen have to order by clipping the clips to the sign indicating the dishes at the counter. I was told by Claudia that you might get the Chawamusi right away if they have it ready. The Mini Ramen has to be served to the table later. I got my Chawamusi right away. The taste was rather light with a delightful softness and smoothness with bits of mushroom and chicken in it.

The cooked foods on that day were Japanese Curry, Garlic Fried Rice, Fried Fish Cutlet, Fried Chicken Wings, Potato Salad and Mixed Vegetable Salad. Both salads tasted decent. Plain rice was served too.

The Fried Chicken Wings were the first to go when the crowd started to come in. I was told by Claudia that the Japanese Curry is a must try. It was nicely done with bits of carrot and potato in it. It got a nice fragrance with a slight sweetness. The Fried Fish Cutlet was nicely fried to give it the desired crispiness. 

Handrolls were available at the counter. It was simply wrapped in a piece of dried seaweed with shredded carrot, crabstick, cucumber sticks and a piece of cheese. This was my first time tasting cheese in a handroll. It tasted a little strange but rather acceptable.

The Mini Ramen was served to the table but a friendly waitress. It was a small portion served with a few slices of Japanese fishcake, half a egg then topped with chopped spring onion. The broth was rather bland and the noodle somewhat reminded me of instant noodle.

There are different types of sushi available at the counter. The Chef was stationed right behind to replenish it as and when. It was freshly made on the spot and served it right after. These sushi were made using fresh tasting ingredients.

There is also a Teppanyaki station. The selection is limited as compared to their dinner buffet. There were chicken, pork, beansprouts and omelette for selection. As this was their second day of running this lunch buffet, it was a little messy. To order, you have to inform staff at that counter then to give your table number. We ordered all of the 4 selections but only gotten 3 of them after quite a while. 

The taste was acceptable though not particularly outstandingly. 

The must eat amongst their desserts has to be the homemade tofu cheesecake as recommended by Claudia. There were also matcha cheesecake, brownie, jelly and fresh fruits available. My favourite has to be the matcha cheesecake. It has got a distinctive matcha taste with just the right cheese flavor. 

I was told to go up to the roof top for a panoramic view of its surrouding. Claudia said some of the best sunset shots were taken from there. 

It was quite an unusual dining experience and it is definitely value for money. I might come back someday for the dinner buffet with my camera ready to shoot the sunset from there.

80 Seletar Aerospace View MAJ Aviation Buidling #01-01 SINGAPORE 797563.

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