Monday, March 3, 2014

Sunday Brunch Buffet at Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

I decided to make a reservation as crowd somewhat expected given its popularity. I attempted to do so by written a private message to the administrator of their facebook page. The response was a pretty quick one and the reservation confirmed as stated in the reply. I was there on time but was a little taken aback when realised the reservation was not listed. Nonetheless, a table for 2 was quickly assigned as we happened to be amongst the first few there that morning. The restaurant was not too crowded then so i kinda speculate reservation for a small group might not be necessary. 

We were expected to pay up front before led to our table by a friendly waitress. The brunch buffet is priced at $37.80++per pax. 

The highlight of this buffet was the Snow Crab, Wagyu Beef, Kurobuta, Sashimi and free flow of Sapporo Beer. 

The most popular item was no doubt those legs of Snow Crab. It was almost gone when i was there but the replenishment was pretty prompt to meet its demand. There were also the fresh tasting scallop, salmon and prawn sashima available right there. 

Some of the items from the buffet spread including a wide range of different types of sushi for selection. The Yakitori were pre-prepared and left it for selection. It was still a tasty choice that i enjoyed pretty much. 

There are those little clips with the table number on the table to be used in ordering the Teppanyaki and Sukiyaki dishes. The most popular has to be the Wagyu Beef Teppanyaki. The clip was to be clicked along the signboard to order and it was then served right to the table when ready. The meat was served raw on hot plate with slices of onion and black pepper sauce added. The black pepper sauce was rather well-balanced and even a non-lover like myself has not much issue in accepting it. 

You then cooked it to your preferred doneness to give it the perfect texture to suit your palate. It generally tasted fresh with just the right amount of black pepper sauce to give it the right flavor. 

We tried the Snow Crab Sukiyaki. It was served with a chunky piece from the joint of the leg with enoki mushroom and vegetable. We enjoyed it with extra pieces of Snow Crab legs added. 

We managed to try the Kurobuta Sukiyaki too. Both tasted equally enjoyable. 

The grilled Enoki Beef Roll is a must try item. It was served in 3 pieces on a hot plate. The texture of the beef was done just right to go with the enoki mushroom and the sauce complemented it nicely. 

There were an extensive range of fried items like Fried Salmon Skin, Prawn Tempura, Potato Cutlet etc available. And, there were a limited selection of cooked foods like Fried Rice, Beef Stew, Seafood Spaghetti and Stir-fried Broccoli available on that day. 

The free-flow of Sapporo Beer is only limited from 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm. There is a counter beside the drink station for redemption upon the presentation of receipt. Each person is only allowed to redeem a bottle at a time. You are expected to bring back the empty bottle to redeem for more during that specific 1 hour. 

One of the most popular choice there got to be the Mentaiko Scallops. There were so many clips left on the signboard leaving a little space for more. The waiting time was slightly longer. You might want to take note that a clip is only for a single serving. If you want more then you are expected to put in more clips and it might be a wiser decision to save waiting time as it could be quite lengthy. The waiting time was definitely worth while as we enjoyed the nicely done scallop served with mayonnaise. 

The selection of desserts was decent. The choices including different types of cakes, cream puffs, chocolate eclair and the famous Haagen Dazs ice-cream served with waffle biscuits and cones. 

The buffet spread though not too extensive but it is still a better choice as compared to the other supposedly famous Japanese Buffet Restaurant though the normal lunch buffet at $24.80++ might be of a more value for money choice. 

It was a pleasant experience and i am likely to be back though not too soon.

180 Kitchener Road #05-05/06 City Square Mall SINGAPORE 208539.

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