Thursday, November 13, 2014

FISH & CO. : Lunch with Grandma

Decided to bring Grandma for lunch at Fish & Co. right after her appointment at Singapore General Hospital. This was her first visit as well as her first time eating fish & chips and her first time dining out in such an eatery. 

She started flipping the menu upon seated down. She was getting really curious and excited but not knowing what to order. She wanted to try spaghetti but the texture might be a little too hard for me so we urged her to go for Fish & Chips instead. 

We gotten her a glass of Iced Tea. She was happily sipping away though it was a bit too cold for her. 

The soup of that day was Cream of Mushroom. I did not quite expect Grandma to appreciate it, she finished the whole bowl, faster than expected. She enjoyed the taste somewhat. 

The fish & chips was quite a large portion, it consists of 2 pieces of perfectly fried battered fish fillets served with quite a huge portion of fries with tartar sauce. Though the batter was slightly too thick but it has a desired crispiness that we enjoyed. I did not finish the fries though as it was a bit too much.

The grilled white fish was unexpectedly tasty. It was served with Ebiko then grilled it with a thin layer of cheese then sprinkled with bits of parsley. Option was given to choose 2 sides to go with it. Fries was a good choice but the mashed potato was just decent. 

Grandma really enjoyed the fish & chips though she only managed to eat slightly more than a piece of the fried battered fish with some fries. 

53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 AMK Hub #02-03 SINGAPORE 569933


  1. Hey!! Glad that your grandma enjoyed the food. I too liked all dishes especially this creamy mushroom soup. Last week went out with my friends at one of local LA venue for lunch. There we were offered many delicious dishes and desserts. I honestly enjoyed such luscious food and had a lovely time.