Saturday, November 22, 2014

Quan Lai Kway Chap Duck Rice 泉来鸭饭粿汁

I visited once and it was not a memorable experience. A friend strongly recommended their kway chap and suggested i should try it. So, i came with little expectation and ordered a portion of kway chap with 2 bowls of kway for $5.00.

Though i did not particularly impressed with that plate of braised items but i was rather puzzled when i found a few slices of pineapple amongst them. This was the first time that i ever came across pineapple in kway chap and i wonder what would be the possible reason to include it? The only thing that came to mind was maybe they are using it to remove the unpleasant taste of these innards? 

Though the texture of those pieces of kway tasted decent but the braised sauce that they mixed it in was quite good. I enjoyed the distinct herbal-ish taste. Overall, it was not bad but not the best that i have tasted. 

560 Macpherson Road SINGAPORE 368233

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