Friday, May 20, 2016

Seng Kee The Black Seed by Chef Benny : the modern Kopitiam

This recently opened coffee place is a brainchild of Chef Benny that founded Eighteen Chefs, it is located at Bugis Junction, right in front of the taxi stand along North Bridge Road. It is a modern kopitiam serving Eggs & Toasts, Chee Cheong Fun, Sandwiches and Curries in Bread Bowl together with drinks like Kopi and Teh in cold and hot versions, Grass Jelly Bandung and Milo T-Rex. The menu includes desserts like Sour Plum Sng Pao and Soursop Sng Pao that are quite interesting.

It was not as crowded as i expected to be when i was there slightly after 12 pm on a weekday. I was expected to order at the counter then paid and wait for my drink there then wait for my order no to be flashed on the LED panel to collect food at the other counter. 

As i just had lunch, i decided to have their 63 degrees eggs (2 for $2.50 and 1 for $1.50) and Iced Pandan Teh ($4.00).

The sous-vide eggs were slowly cooked at 63 degrees to give the yolk a runny texture, the temperature and timing are really mattered for a perfect soft-boiled egg that has such a desired degree of tenderness. 

Their Iced Pandan Teh at $4.00 is a bit steep for just a glass of normal tea that is infused with a rather slight pandan taste and served with crushed ice. Again, if it is going to be compared with some of those atas cafes out there, their menu prices are considered as quite affordable and in fact, it is slightly lower.

Their customer service was not as attentive, the service staff that took my order did not inform me that there is an ongoing opening promotion that offer set meals that are of better value. And, i do not quite remember seeing any indication about the opening promotion. 

If i do visit again, i would probably like to try their Curry Chicken with Chee Cheong Fun or in a Bread Bowl and also Singaporean-inspired Ciabatta and Focaccia sandwiches if i do visit again. 

SENG KEE The Black Seed by Chef Benny
200 Victoria Street #01-71/72 Bugis Junction SINGAPORE 188021
Operating Hours: 7.30 am to 10.30 pm (Daily)


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