Sunday, May 15, 2016

Soh Eng Siong Coffee Stall : 0.90 cents for Iced Coffee

This is the only coffee stall in this food centre that has got a short queue, i decided to join and ordered a iced coffee. I was told it is only 0.90 cents when i asked how much is it as i was digging my coin purse for loose change. I could not help but asked, 'Why is it so cheap?' and i continued asking, "Most of the coffee stalls are already charging $1.00 or more for a cup of hot coffee and $1.20 to $1.50 for iced coffee."

The Uncle said, "We have different priorities in life." He then pointed at the Auntie and said, 'She does not drive Mercedes Benz but taking bus to work." He said, "I could not really answer this question and definitely not on behalf of other coffee stalls on why are they charging much more but it is really about what we perceive as important." He is so right. To get the priorities right and to live simply are keys to happiness. 

On a side note, i wonder why is there an additional of 20 cents to 50 cents charged for the cold version of coffee and tea which i think is not quite justifiable. The main difference between the cold and the hot version is none other than the amount of ice cubes added to cool it. 

It is heartwarming to know there is still such a hawker stall around that aims to bring down the costs to benefits their customers. In order to do so, this hawker stall is likely to be one of those pioneer hawker stalls that is given a heavily subsidised rent so they could afford to just earn enough. Apparently, not many of such stalls are around these days as most of these pioneer hawkers are getting old and retiring.

49A Serangoon Garden Way #01-38 Serangoon Garden Food Centre SINGAPORE 555945

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