Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Chin Mee Chin Confectionery : The Forgotten

I was there near lunch but there was just another table at that time. This was the first time that i did not have to wait for a table as it has always been crowded whenever i visited. The Auntie that was serving a couple at the other table did not seem to be too friendly. I went to her when she was done taking their orders to give mines. I ordered an Iced Coffee, 2 Soft-boiled Eggs and a Kaya-Butter Bun then i went to the display shelf right in front of the shop to help myself to an Egg Tart.

When the Auntie served the Iced Coffee to my table, i asked, "I did not see any Sausage Roll. Do you still serve them?' She replied, "We have stopped serving it." I did not get to ask her the reason as she walked away right after. I overheard when one of their regular customers asking her a similar question. That Auntie was telling her, "We are shortage of manpower so we are not able to bake most of the items now." She did not mention whether it is permanently or just for a while. 

I travelled from the northern part of Singapore to here for their Sausage Rolls as it used to be a part of my growing up memories. I was feeling disappointed that i did not get to eat it. It is getting difficult to find Sausage Rolls these days in those modern bakeries. Another bakery that is known to be still serving them is Balmoral Bakery at Sunset Way and i went to get some last month but i did not like it at all.

The Egg Tart, though not the best but it is still better than most out there. The shell is slightly thicker but fragrant and crumbly, the custard is smooth and soft.

Their Kaya-Butter Bun has always been the must-order whenever i am here. It is usually served slightly toasted with kaya evenly spread at both side of the buns and a small piece of butter. A butter knife is served along with it so you could use it to spread the butter over the kaya on the warm buns. It just did not taste as nice as i remember this time, there seemed to be something missing which i could not quite say what is that. 

The Soft-boiled eggs are always comforting, it is best eaten with a dash of white pepper and drizzled with a bit of dark soya sauce then mixed it a bit before partaking it.

I could not help but wonder how much longer would this place still be around?

204 East Coast Road SINGAPORE 428903
Operating Hours: 8.30 am to 4.00 pm

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