Friday, June 17, 2016

KT Grab & Grill in Toa Payoh

The very first impression of Chef Kiang Siang Heng is that he is in fact a rather humble person. You could not quite believe that he used to be quite a high profile executive chef that has won numerous awards in the past 26 years before starting this hawker stall in Epic Haus,  a atas Kopitiam located at Toa Payoh Lorong 8. You could see those awards and medals being displayed at the stall. I wonder how much courage did he take to move out of his comfort zone and venturing into the unknown?

He was all alone when i visited, he was taking orders, collecting payment, cooking and even serving it though there is a sign that indicated 'self-service'. He caught me standing there and looking at the menu and he asked in mandarin, "What do you want to eat?". I noticed that he was wearing a t-shirt with 'Resort World Sentosa' printed on it together with its logo. I ordered the Set 1 and Set 2 on the menu, paid and was given a pager. 

It was followed with a long waiting time though there did not seem to have too many customers at that time. Chef Kiang was serving another table of 8 pax that ordered quite a few items, he was serving bowls of soup to them and followed by the main dishes. I waited for about 25 minutes before spotting him approaching our table with the orders. He was smiling and apologetic though. He placed those dishes on our table and he said, 'Enjoy!' before walking away.

Grilled Seafood with Paella Rice for just $8.90. It came with a portion of paella rice, half a piece of clayfish, mussel, scalop, fish and crabstick together with a handful of shredded lettuce and coleslaw. The ingredients tasted relatively fresh and nicely cooked to the right texture then drizzled with some tasty sauce. The paella rice was a bit too light in flavor otherwise it is of pretty good value. 

Surf & Turf (Grilled Fish & Quarter Chicken) with Paella Rice at $7.90. It was served with half a chicken rather than the quarter chicken indicated on their menu. The likely reason might be the size of the chicken maybe smaller and that is why it is served in half rather than in quarter. It definitely of a really good value for that half of the herb roasted chicken which was flavorful and tasty with a rather tender and moist texture. 

When Chef Kiang happened to walk past our table, he asked, "Did you enjoy it?". I nodded my head while still chewing a piece of chicken in my mouth. He smiled and walked away.

Block 211 Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Epic Haus #01-01 SINGAPORE 310211

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