Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fresh Generation : Premium Seafood Soup

Fresh Generation is the newest hawker stall at Bukit Timah Food Centre that has recently opened in March, it is near to Beauty World MRT station. They serve seafood soup in various sizes with different types of seafood including crayfish and lobster at premium prices. It seems this is the current food trend as there are many such stalls mushrooming and they are serving similar items.

And, they are related to Woon Woon Pek Bee Hoon at Changi Village Food Centre, in fact, it is an expansion based on the success of their popular white bee hoon after 8 months. The chef, Ah Soon, 62, is a former restaurant head chef that has decades of culinary experience under his belt. Now, you can expect a certain standard of their seafood soup. He is also the father of Reece Wong, the co-owner of the stalls and Javien, is the other owner. They used to be corporate business partners but sold away their companies then venturing into the food business. 

The menu features the Original Seafood Soup ($6 for 1 pax and $16 for 3 pax), Crayfish Seafood Soup ($10 for 1 pax and $28 for 3 pax), Scallop Seafood Soup ($10 for 1 pax and $28 for 3 pax), Lobster Seafood Soup ($28 for 1 pax and $58 for 3 pax) and their Signature Seafood Platter ($28 for 3 pax). There is the option to go with either rice or noodles for 0.50 cents. It is prepared upon order, the ingredients are wok-fried first before adding in the soup to bring forth the wok fragrance. The soup base comprises of clams and flower crabs simmered for a relatively long period to bring out the flavour, it is used for all the soups.

I decided to go with the Crayfish Seafood Soup and I opted to go with rice. I added 3 pieces of Lobster Balls for $2.00. There are also options to add clams for $2.00, sliced fish for $3.00, scallop for $5.00, crayfish for $5.00 and lobster for $22. The Crayfish Seafood Soup came with fresh tasting prawns, clams, sliced threadfin fish, lobster balls and crayfish. The soup though lightly flavoured but it was full of natural sweetness, this is definitely a healthier choice. 

The lobster balls are forgettable though, it tasted just like those that are readily available in the supermarkets and only order if you want more varieties.

You should try it if you are in the vicinity. 

51 Bukit Timah Road #02-164 Bukit Timah Food Centre SINGAPORE
Operating Hours: 11.00 am to 9.00 pm (Closed on Mondays)

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