Thursday, May 11, 2017

Your Nasi Lemak : a Nasi Lemak specialty shop at Sembawang

It started by Fabian Seet, together with the other 2 co-founders, these 3 hoteliers including an executive chef shared the equal passion for nasi lemak and they created Your Nasi Lemak, a Singapore brand. It all started with one of them being a nasi lemak fanatic and his inspiration is for foodies from all over the world to enjoy and savour the best nasi lemak which truly representing Singapore. Their recipe is originated from Macik Som, their Advisor Chef, it is a family recipe that has handed down from generation to generation and together with their Executive Chef, they have perfected the recipe as mentioned on their Facebook page. They are using the traditional cooking methods with carefully selected ingredients for their nasi lemak. It opened on 11 April 2017 at one of those shophouses along Sembawang Road and is just beside Sembawang Shopping Centre.

This is an unassuming neighbourhood eatery, unpretentious and simply furnished. Their menu consists of nasi lemak sets and these sets come with options including fried chicken wing, kuning fish, fish fillet, pong pong otah, fried tempura vegetables, sambal cuttlefish and beef rendang differently, from $5.80 to $6.80. Most of their sets are serving with a sunny-side-up egg, cucumber, ikan bilis with peanuts and sambal chilli. There is also a weekday special during lunch and drinks like Kopi, Teh, Lime Juice, Bandung and Barley are available at just $1 for every $5.80 set ordered.

I wanted to order the Fried Sotong set but was not available and so, I decided to go with the Beef Rendang set ($6.80) and Otah Sundae ($5.80) with an additional piece of chicken wing ($1.60) added together with a canned drink ($1.50). The Beef Rendang set came first, it consists of a generous portion of beef rendang with the usual components.

The aromatic rice was infused with the fragrance of coconut milk and pandan leaves, its texture was fluffy and loose. The ingredients all tasted fresh but I would like the egg yolk to be a little runny. The peanuts and ikan bilis were rather crunchy and the sambal chilli has a slight sweetness with a mild spiciness that lingers on but it would be good if it is less wet. The beef rendang was tender and with just the right amount of spiciness.

The chicken wing was a pleasant surprise, it was coated with a layer of crispy batter that gives it an extra crunch but still juicy beneath, with a subtle turmeric flavour. 

The Otah Sundae, their signature dish is listed as a must-try on their menu. It came 15 minutes later and while waiting, the female service staff came over to inform that it would take a little while longer though she did not say why it was so, a reasonable guess would be the Pong Pong Otah was likely to be freshly made. It came when my dining companion was done with his Beef Rendang Nasi Lemak. 

It consists of a piece of Pong Pong Otah rested on a pile of coconut rice and topped with another coconut rice ball then drizzled with sambal chilli and coconut milk. The Pong Pong Otah was packed with flavours from galangal and lemongrass together with small chunks of fresh fish embedded within, it tasted different from the usual version of otah as it omits the usual spicy paste. It needs a little getting used to and there was also a lack of texture. Perhaps they should have a spicy and non-spicy version of Pong Pong Otah. It was served along with slices of cucumber and peanuts by the side. This is no doubt an innovative creation, though seemed a little gimmicky but also lacking in value as compared to other sets. 

This is pure comfort food at affordable prices in a cosy ambience with friendly service. Do support this Singapore brand if you happen to be in the vicinity, even though there is a famous Chong Pang Nasi Lemak just nearby but this one is worth a try too. 

596B Sembawang Road SINGAPORE 048545
Operating Hours:11.30 am to 9.30 pm (Closed on Mondays)

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