Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Nanyang Chicken : the worth-trying Soya Sauce Chicken

This is a soya sauce themed cafe that serves Soya Sauce Chicken as its signature dish. The owner is behind the Nanyang Sauce, it is a rebranding of Swan brand, one of the oldest artisanal soya sauce markers in Singapore. They are still making their sauces the same way that they did 50 years ago. This cafe that opened on September 2018 is located along South Bridge Road and there used to be another outlet at East Coast Road but has closed, their brewery is at Chin Bee Avenue. 

When I was looking at the menu, the friendly staff quickly came out of the door and said, "I can help." I ordered the Princess Chicken ($12.80) for myself and Soya Sauce Chicken Rice ($12.80) for my dining companion with a cold coffee ($2.50). 

The cold coffee came first, enough ice cubes were added to keep it cold without diluting its taste.

The Princess Chicken and Soya Sauce Chicken Rice were served along with their in-house Chicken Rice Chilli Sauce and Sambal Prawn Chilli Sauce. The service staff said, "If you like the sauces, you can get a $3 off for them, the Ikan Belis and also other sauces too based on the amount spent today."

The welcome soup is a chicken soup served in a small glass and it is refillable. We were also served a sample portion of their Ikan Belis which they labeled as Nanyang Snacks. 

My dining companion, said, "I was wondering why there is a sourish taste in their soup then I realized it is probably from the plum that was used as part of its ingredients." He liked it enough to have a refill when the waiting staff came by our table with a kettle. 

My dining companion said, "This is hawker food at cafe prices. It is not cheap but at least it came with a whole piece of a chicken leg." He took a bit and said, "It is not bad but a bit too salty. " The chicken leg was well-braised with a good infusion of aromatic soya flavor. It tasted different from the other Soya Sauce Chicken, it is distinctly savory and no hint of sweetness. 

The braised chicken leg was served with slices of braised mushroom, cherry tomatoes, and lettuce with the selection of noodles or rice. 

The service came by and asked, "How was the food?" And, she said, "I hope you will leave us a good review." It stated on the number tag that "Review us on Facebook or Google." Though their prices are a little on the high side, their attentive service makes it worthwhile. 

70 South Bridge Road SINGAPORE 058700
Operating Hours: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm (Closed on Sundays)

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  1. https://imgur.com/a/qtghFdu
    I went for the tpy hokkien man hokkien mee again. I though I was clever by being the first customer. Lady boss says not open yet so I took a walk around the market. 10 minutes later there was a long queue. First customer was a Sikh.

    Anyway, it tastes better if you packet it. Even after leaving it cold for 6 hours. It still tastes good. The aroma is there today. My only complaint is that he uses too little eggs. No 蛋香.