Monday, September 2, 2019

SweeT.Rex : Souffle pancakes

This stall is not to be missed if you are looking for an affordable option for souffle pancake, a Japanese-style pancake. Cassandra Lim, 43, is running the stall with her husband. It used to be at Mei Ling Food Centre before moving to Alexandra Village Food Centre. The choices include $4 for 2 pieces of the freshly made pancake with topping sauce and $5 for 2 pieces with topping sauce and ice-cream. They adjusted the prices after moved here. There is chocolate, strawberry and caramel sauce to choose. There are also Lemon Chocolate Cheese Cake, Homemade Milk Pudding and Homemade T-Rex Snack Bar on their menu.

I ordered a set of pancakes and was asked to choose the sauce. I was recommended to try the chocolate and caramel sauce. I was asked for the table number as it will be sent over later. The pancakes were served with icing sugar lightly scattered then drizzled with the sauces.

The pancakes are made from butter, eggs, milk, and flour. The egg whites were whipped into a meringue to achieve a lighter and fluffier texture despite the pancakes were of a certain thickness. It tasted quite close to what I had in Japan. 

120 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-79 Alexandra Village Food Centre SINGAPORE 150120
Operating Hours: 10.30 am to 3.00 pm (Closed on Thursdays & Fridays)


    Intercept your post again. The tpy lorong 7 hokkien mee that's in the news recently. It's not bad. Close to old school standard. Only thing is he didn't use lard. Come around 0930 am to avoid long queue. Which is 1 hour.

  2. I am interested to try. I was told by a FB friend that it can be pre-order.