Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Lam Bee Chicken Rice at Macpherson

The coffee shop has undergone a renovation then changed its name from Lam Bee Restaraunt to Grains and Hops. I used to patronize a pizza stall in this coffee shop quite regularly but have stopped doing so after the closure of that stall. I tried the chicken rice once quite a while ago but it did not leave much impression. A friend on Facebook recommended the chicken rice from this stall as he is a regular customer. I decided to give it a go when came for the Fish Minced Meat Noodle nearby. 

I ordered the mixture of their poached and roasted chicken with rice to go along with an old cucumber pork ribs soup. My dining companion tasted it and said, "It tasted just normal, in fact, I actually prefer the other chicken rice in Bishan." I tried both and actually prefer the poached chicken to the roasted one. I could actually taste the fragrance and juiciness of the chicken. I do not think much of the chilli, it just did not taste too special to be memorable. 

The rice though grainy and not greasy, it was lacking in flavor. 

Perhaps it was still early, the soup did not have enough time to simmer so the taste was not as flavorful as I liked it to be. 

This stall is a popular choice amongst the residents though not the best chicken rice but it is comforting enough.

78 Circuit Road #01-470 SINGAPORE 370078
Operating Hours: 7.00 am to 7.00 pm (Closed on Wednesdays)


  1. Bishan one? The kim san leng ming kee chicken rice? Have you tried the one at the same coffeeshop as Cai Ji Wanton Mee at Blk 112?

  2. Oh that's good. Glad there's someone who like it.
    I spotted another interesting stall at ayer rajah food center. Jurong fong yuen minced pork noodles. The curry chicken noodle is good. Chicken is fresh. Tau pok throughly soaked in the gravy - which is thick and creamy. It was featured in 面对面

    1. Thanks. Will make an effort to visit that food centre.

    I went Chef Chik at Haig Road FC again. I order 腊味饭 this time. But the rice very dry today. The chicken one was better. Their soups sell out fast too. Half sold out before 530pm

  4. I was told that the operating hours of Chef Chik can be quite inconsistent though they are supposed to be only closed on Sundays and Mondays.