Saturday, August 10, 2019

Lao Zhong Zhong Five Spice : it just did not taste as good as it used to be

I went for the Prawn Mee at River South (Hoe Nam) Prawn Noodles on a Sunday and decided to drop by thereafter. I was told that their standard has dropped. I used to see Tan Kee Kwang, the elderly owner, at the stall but I did not see him this time. He started helping his father at the roadside stall outside the old Thong Chai Medical Hall at 11 years old in the 1950s. They moved to a few locations before settling at the current location in 2008. 

All the 14 items are supposed to be handmade at the stall. I ordered just a few items including their signature Water Chestnut Cake, Ngor Hiang, Prawn Fritter with Tofu, Prawn Roll and Fried Spring Roll. I was asked to give the table number. It was brought over by a friendly auntie that offered to bring us another pair of chopsticks together with the chilli sauce. The chilli sauce was topped with crushed peanuts and the chopped onion with a mild spiciness. 

My dining companion said, "The Water Chestnut Cake and Ngor Hiang are still good, the rest tasted just so so." I only liked the Ngor Hiang. I felt, in my humble opinion, it is not as good as it used to be.

29 Tai Thong Crescent SINGAPORE 347858
Operating Hours: 10.00 am to 12.00 am (Closed on Mondays & Wednesdays)

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