Thursday, August 1, 2019

AMK Curry Puff : they are back to Ang Mo Kio

They are back. They are back to where they first started. Mr Leo Chin Sang, founder of the AMK Curry Puff was part of the team that started Tip Top Curry Puff in 1979 before incorporating the ABR Group. He went to start AMK Curry Puff in July 2013 at a coffee shop at Toa Payoh Central before passing away about 2 years ago. I talked to Mr Leo then but he did not really want to elaborate on what happened. The Tip Top Curry Puff has renamed to Tip Top The Puff Factory after the incorporation and has remained in the coffee shop before moving to occupy the corner shop at Jubilee Square recently. I wrote an article for Makansutra in 2014 on this.

I asked, "The stall at Toa Payoh still around?" That lady nodded and said, "This is our second outlet. We have just opened about a week ago." I said, "I was told that the elderly Uncle has already passed away." She replied, "He was my Uncle." I also said, "I grew up in Ang Mo Kio and I remember there used to be a group of Aunties making curry puffs here." She pointed to the side of the stall and said, "Yeah. Right there." 

She added, "We decided to come back to Ang Mo Kio when they moved out." She said, "Hope to see you again." I decided to order a Sardine Puff and a Curry Puff at $1.50 each. Those puffs are still handmade and serve fresh. 

The Curry Puff was a pure disappointment. I could not taste any chicken chunks in it, the filling that mainly consists of potato was not as packed, not fragrant and not spicy. The crust tasted a little too dry, lacking the distinctive butter taste with a different texture. 

The Sardine Puff was equally disappointing. I did not like the crust as well, the filling that consists bits of sardine and shredded onion was very little, enclosed in a thick crust. 

Something is just different, it is smaller in size at a higher price. It just used to be much better but not so now. It left me feeling disappointed. 

Block 722 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 SINGAPORE 560722
Operating Hours: 9.00 am to 8.00 pm


  1. Yeah. The taste changed around last year. I've stopped buying. The ones sold at lorong 5 tpy is better and cheaper.
    Do you know this thing actually came from China? The teochews make them.

    1. i want to laugh... curry puff made in chaoshan, guangzhou?

  2. Curry Puff is actually from China? No. I did not know.


  4. I tried the new tip top recently.
    They got rendang beef or chicken flavours. Not bad. The sardine was sold out.

  5. I know about the Kok Chai (角仔), aka Mini Peanut Puff but I did not know that Curry Puff is originated from there. Will try the puffs from Tip Top.

  6. I bought the curry puff a few days ago and was very dissented. The taste so so and worst the potato is not soft enough. Old Chang Kee one taste better than this. I was told the owner now is not the previous one. That mean there is change of hand and for such taste and price i prefer go OCK.

  7. i stay in amk and just realize the name changed AMK curry puff. i googled and only good reviews are given for toa payoh one. should i go there, or should i go to Nyonya Curry Puff Cafe at sin ming?

  8. I bought some from Toa Payoh branch year ago and they tasted so good. Today i bought some from AMK Blk 722 but very disappointed. The crust or pastry was so thick. Overall, it didn't taste as what I had tasted before.