Tuesday, July 30, 2019

HoYeah Nasi Lemak in Ang Mo Kio

This is the new stall that opened on 17 July 2019, has replaced De Ar Western that was closed down recently, serving Nasi Lemak. We were there for lunch. The friendly owner asked, "With or without egg?" I replied, "2 Sets. Set 1 is with egg and Curry Chicken and the other is with Fried Chicken." The Fried Chicken Drumstick set is $4.50 and the Curry Chicken set with egg omelet is $5.00. There is also Fried Chicken Wing set is priced at $3.50 though. Every item is freshly made from scratch based on their recipes.  

My dining companion said, "It is not cheap particularly for the Fried Chicken Drumstick set. An option should be given to replace the hard-boiled egg with a fried egg." He said, "The rice has not much flavor though the texture is good." He then took a bite of the Fried Chicken Drumstick and said, "The flavor is very light, it will be nicer if it is saltier." It was served with steamed rice, its texture was fluffy with a slight hint of coconut taste.

The Fried Chicken, though mildly flavored but it was well-fried, it still retained its crispiness even after left it for a while. The rice was good but certain grains were slightly hard in the center. I also liked those chunks of cucumber, it still tasted crunchy and go well with the sambal chilli, a much better choice than those thinly sliced cucumbers. 

He also tried the Curry Chicken. He said, "The Curry Chicken is nice. I would have preferred to have it Curry Chicken than the Fried Chicken." He added, "The sambal chilli and curry chicken are nice." The sambal chilli is a little towards the sweet side though not as spicy but aromatic. There were bits of shredded onion in it with the taste of ikan belis. The Curry Chicken was pretty nice as well, the sauce was quite thick, fragrant and not too spicy but the chicken meat was a bit bland. 

It is simple and not fanciful, just like how Nasi Lemak was served in the past with just good sambal chilli and fragrant rice.

Block 158 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 SINGAPORE 560158
Operating Hours: 9.00 am to 8.30 pm (Daily)

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