Saturday, July 27, 2019

112 Economic Bee Hoon : another breakfast choice

I walked over to a coffee shop at Block 112 after having breakfast at Block 120 Bishan Street 12. I was told by a friend to try the Fried Horfun from this stall that serves economic bee hoon. I was there at about 11 am but there was no sight of the Fried Horfun so I asked, "Do you have the 炒河粉?" The friendly stall assistant replied, "Finished already. We usually have that at this time but it sold out early today." I said, "I was told that the 炒河粉 is special and nice, particularly so when it was freshly out of the wok." She smiled and replied, "That is quite popular amongst our customers as there seem to be no other stall is serving it." 

I decided to go with the Fried Bee Hoon, there were the white and the dark version for selection and I went with the dark. I added a piece of Fried Chicken Wing and a Fried Egg for $3.20. The lady asked, "Do you want chili?" She also asked, "Do you want to have some curry gravy over it?" I nodded.

The texture of the Fried Bee Hoon was a little softer as compared to the one in the other coffee shop at Block 120. It was probably so after soaked in the curry gravy. Though the Fried Chicken Wing was not particularly impressive, it was tastier than the one that I had earlier. The curry gravy was quite thick and aromatic, it actually went really well with the Fried Bee Hoon. I also prefer the chilli here, it was slightly sweeter with bits of ikan belis in it, it tasted like the chili for Nasi Lemak. 

I was told by the same friend that I should also try the Wanton Mee from the same coffee shop. I should make a trip there soon to do so. 

Block 112 Bishan Street 12 SINGAPORE 570112

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  1. Is the coffeeshop still closed for renovation now ?