Sunday, July 14, 2019

Carrot Cake : the $2 fried carrot cake

This carrot cake stall was once the talk of the town for its $2 carrot cake. It has been in this quiet coffee shop for the longest time, manned by a middle-aged auntie, not the elderly auntie that was earlier spotted. Apparently, one of her reasons for keeping its price at $2 is there are many elderly folks living in this estate so it has to be affordable. Though the portion is smaller but good enough for its price. How many of such honest hawkers are still around? 

I added the black and the white to share with my dining companion. My auntie asked for my table number and she sent it over in just 5 minutes. My dining companion took a mouthful of the white carrot cake and said, "It tasted alright, tasty enough and good for $2." Those pieces of carrot cake were pan-fried for a slightly crisp texture before adding in the egg to fry together and added chopped spring onion when it was ready. 

The black one was pan-fried before adding in the egg then the sweet dark sauce and also topped with chopped spring onion. I tried both and actually prefer the white a little more. I came to take away a packet just other day and requested for extra chilli to be added, it was nice. 

Though it might not be one of the best, it is cheap and simple. Where else to get a plate of carrot cake for just $2? The popiah stall next to it is also owned by the same owner. 

Block 133 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 SINGAPORE 560133


    Another recommendation for you. Bishan Blk 120 coffee shop.
    Considered the best fried bee hoon in Bishan East. The bee hoon is very fragrant. Similar to lorong 8 but its less oily. The red sambal is uniquely sourish.
    Their porridge also not bad but I haven't tried it in years. Closed 15 July.

  2. My kind of breakfast. Will try it soon. Thanks.

      Since you plan to try out . You might want to try the 炒河粉 at Blk 112,which is just around the corner. They fried it like 干炒河粉but without the dark soy sauce.
      It's made in small batches. And if you catch it fresh out from the kitchen. It's full of wok hei. I think $2 for big portion. I don't find this at any other breakfast stalls. The picture was taken many years ago so the quality is poor.

    2. I wanted to go for lunch today but not sure whether they are still open. Do they serve lunch?

    3. Better not risk it