Saturday, August 17, 2013

Comforting Pork Congee.

Happened to be in the vicinity so came by this newly renovated food centre for dinner. My attention was caught by the auspicious sounding stall name on the signboard. This porridge stall is one of the recently added stalls after the renovation. There was a few people waiting for their order when i was there. 

The stall was manned solely by an Uncle then. This stall offers different types of congee like Pork Congee, Fresh Fish Congee, Shredded Chicken Congee, Century Egg Pork Congee, Cuttlefish Peanut Congee and Congee in Boat Style. All are priced at $3. The selection of Raw Fish is at $4, $6 and $8.

Macaroni is available at $3.50.

I quickly placed my order when i gotten his attention. He asked with or without egg then he asked for my table number. Though it is stated SELF-SERVICE but the Uncle offered to have it delivered to my table. I thought it might be due to the long waiting time and he did not want to keep me waiting there. Such thoughtfulness is commendable.

I ordered a bowl of Pork Congee at $3.00 with an egg added for an extra 0.50 cents. It was delivered to my table by the same Uncle in 10 minutes. It was quite a big bowl served with you tiao and chopped spring onion.

To begin, i deliberately break the egg then stirred it into the congee and nicely mixed in the you tiao and chopped spring onion, too. 

The Congee was rather close to what i had in Hong Kong though not as fine and smooth. I was delightful to find the generous bits of minced pork balls as well as slices of lean meat in it. The minced pork balls were nicely seasoned to give it the desired flavour. The slices of lean meat were thinly sliced to give it the right texture.

And, added an egg is definitely a good choice to give the rather plain congee a pleasant eggy taste. The congee was so hot to actually cooked bits of the egg. It did not serve with the light soya sauce and the pepper as it has already added in it. Though it was slightly saltish but rather acceptable. I wish the serving of you tiao would be a bit more generous though.

This bowl of Congee was a good choice for a light dinner.

I really enjoyed the comforting taste.

Block 75 Toa Payoh Lorong 5 Food Centre Toa Payoh Lorong 5 #01-24 SINGAPORE 310075.

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