Sunday, August 4, 2013


I have heard so much about this wanton mee. It used to be known as HONG MAO MIAN JIA (translated to be Ang Moh Noodle House) at a shop house along Joo Chiat Road. The brand name and shop house were sold to one of their biggest fan to continue the business. Many have since complained that the standard is no longer the same. 

This particular wanton noodle has got a large pool of die hard supporters that declared this wanton mee to be the best in the Eastern part of Singapore. 

I am a big fan of wanton noodle and have been going around eating from many different places but this is my first time trying out this highly raved wanton noodle.

I went with great anticipation. I was there at about 1 pm. I expected the waiting time would be a short one as there were only 2 other customers right in front of the stall. I went ahead to order for a basic plate of wanton noodle. 

I took notice of their operating hours. Their off day is on every Monday and they are operating from 7 am to 4 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

I was handled a number tag and asked to come back later. 

The number given was 22 and they were serving number 7 then. I asked the Uncle how long would the waiting time to be. He said it should be around 25 minutes. 

I was only supposed to order when my number is called upon. I was taking the pictures when my wanton noodle is being cooked by the Auntie. Uncle was asking me. 'For advertisement ah?' I smiled and said, 'Many people were talking about your wanton mee.'

A substantial portion of egg noodle was nicely cooked to achieve the likable springiness at the right texture. It was served with a few slices of char siew and vegetable, too. The taste of those char siew was rather average. I understand they do not make their own char siew thus its standard is somewhat compromised. It tasted a bit dry with a slight sweetness. The char siew is not nicely caramerlized thus the smoky taste is lacking.

The spiciness is not too dominating but rather savory. The chilli tasted quite different from most wanton mee out there. I do think the saltiness is a little overwhelmed though accepted. It tasted quite difference from other wanton noodle. 

The soup tasted a little bland though with a rather slight taste of ikan belis. 

The wantons tasted rather old school. The filling is mainly well-seasoned minced meat wrapped in a thin slice of skin.

Now, do i think this is the best wanton noodle? The overall standard is good but not quite memorable. The noodle is good, wantons are not too bad either but i could not say the same about the char siew.

I have had tasted better ones. 

271 Onan Road
#01-05 Dunman Food Centre

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